US GOVT Needs More Revenue! 2

Republicans keep saying, “We don’t have a revenue problem:  We have a spending problem.”  Pundits are saying that that is not true.  We need more revenue and the simple and fair way to get it is to raise the tax rate on the rich which will mean more revenue for the government.  The press is giving republican leaders a pass by not grilling them on why they won’t put tax cuts for the rich on the negotiation’s table. Putting entitlements on the table is not enough. They have been unable to explain plainly how the Ryan Plan reduces the cost of entitlements. Hence, public perception is that they do not.  The Ryan Plan currently is reviewed as the death of “Medicare as we know it.” It offers a replacement: a voucher program” which Paul Ryan now calls “premium support.” It is a mystery how it reduces the deficit. Why, then, did all but 4 members of the US Congress vote for the Ryan Plan?  They want to avoid putting tax cuts for the rich on the negotiations table. [BTW, Democrats take note of how the Republicans vote as a block. We should consider that, too.] Some people say that instead of cutting the deficit, the Ryan Plan will increase the deficit over ten years.

Mitchell, Cantor, Boehner

I ask Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Eric Cantor, “Why are you fighting against putting raising taxes for the rich on the table?” Is it just to give tax cuts to the rich and put the cost of running our government on the backs of the middle class and the working poor?”  Many in Congress are millionaires.  Are they just protecting their financial class?  Are they favoring their source of generous campaign contributions like the Koch brothers? REPUBLICANS, PUTTING TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH ON THE TABLE IS THE CHRISTIAN THING TO DO!