MIddle-Class Being Hosed for Oil Companies 2


Everyday we don’t hear John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell say that they will end the grossly unfair and indefensible oil subsidies for OIL INDUSTRY at a time of record oil company profits.  There was a time when the oil drilling industry needed government help to keep it growing. No longer. Yes, in relation to the profits, the subsidies are not a large amount of money. But, that is no excuse to continue throwing money away. Yet, the oil companies have directed the republicans to resist repealing oil subsidies along with tax increases for the rich. It seems like there is a class of Americans that feels it is entitled to hold all of the wealth in the country by continually hosing the middle-class.  Quality of life for the middle-class has been severely damaged while the rich, and the republicans who protect them, live high on the hog! Where’s the basic fairness in our country?

I read about the “greatest generation” who sacrificed and fought ’til victory in World War II. Since then we have been slowly spiraling into a new country with less noble values and ignoble goals. Just what do we stand for?  We elected an Afro-American President to show that truly in America the best man can get that job regardless of race.  Since his inauguration republicans have waged an ugly and unrelenting campaign to fight President Obama’s efforts to deliver on promises of change.  And, Barack Obama is too much of a gentleman to toot his own horn and praise his accomplishments. WHY HASN’T THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY LEAD A CHORUS CELEBRATING THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF OUR DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT?

Are we as a nation so mired in the muck of despair that we can see no hope at the end of the proverbial tunnel?  We need an issue that will galvanize the people into one-minded vigor for the America we have given lip-service to for decades. The middle-class must self-emancipate. We need an issue that will get the couch potatoes, the young and even the infirm, out to the voting booths for state and federal elections culminating in a democratic presidential victory in 2012.  Will you do your part? God bless you!

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