OBAMA vs Morte Corpus D’George Dubyus


Do remember that magical night in Chicago when the people massed to celebrate President-Elect Barack Obama?  That night we believed donkeys could fly! But euphoria faded as President Obama rolled up his sleeves to work on the problems left to him by George Bush.  The Clinton budget surplus had been squandered.  We were in recession.  Unemployment was high.  Republicans were poised to oppose every innovation of our new President.  They wanted to stifle the campaign promise of “Yes, We Can.” Two vexing problems were the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Three years after the election these wars are still unresolved.  The promise to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is almost realized.  Efforts failed in the  Congress to reform the unfortunate problem of illegal immigrants. President Obama promised not to abandon this issue. It looks like we won’t be getting high-speed rail like in China, our most formidable competitor. The business community is sitting on a trillion dollars in capital waiting for a signal from the administration that will inspire them to create jobs. It seems that unemployment will be the President’s strongest obstacle to re-election. The administration has many accomplishments which the mainstream media does not cover in detail.  We hear Obama’s job speeches, but, we don’t come away thinking that there are thousands of jobs being created.

The biggest problems are with the economy. Namely the 2011 and 2012 budgets and the Debt Ceiling. Leaders are working behind the scene to reach “common ground” and reach compromise before the August 2 deadline.  Cleaning up the mess that President George Bush left behind is quite an undertaking.  I can’t grasp it all.  All I can say is, “God bless Barack Obama!”

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