How About Some Transparency on Afghanistan?


We spend $2 Billion every week in Afghanistan. George Bush started the fighting there in 2001.  Where is all that money going?  It is said that our mission now is nation building.  What does that mean to the average American?  The six o’clock news does cover the war in Afghanistan.  The cable channels are not giving us the coverage they gave the war in Iraq?  Why not? Is it because the media does not want to deal with how our money is involved in corruption in Afghanistan?


How about the extremist Taliban who fund themselves with trading in heroin?  Is it true that there are only 50 Al Qaeda in Afghanistan?  Bush started fighting there to root out Al Qaeda after 9/11.  Is our money going for infrastructure? Schools? Housing? Agriculture? Salaries for our troops?  We haven’t a clue.  There is no transparency in the war in Afghanistan.  The media is not embedded within the military to keep us informed.  Where are the pictures and the video? Did President Bush and now President Obama have some plan to fight a quiet war for some unknown purpose?

I charge the media.  They have failed us when it comes to Afghanistan.  They have not shined a light on the war which has lasted over a decade.  They prefer to cover sexy news like the Libyan conflict and the take down of Bin Laden. MSNBC and CNN have heroes in Libya who risk their lives to bring us daily news from the bombings. AFGHANISTAN: OUT OF SIGHT…OUT OF MIND!

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