Dr. Marcus Bachmann

Now that Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has started her campaign for the Whitehouse, her husband has been mentioned in the news. You have read about all the Republican candidates’ stance on same-sex civil rights on this blog. Both Mr. and Mrs. Bachmann are doctors and are anti-gay. Thursday, on his show on MSNBC, Thomas Roberts reported that Marcus Bachmann calls homosexuals “barbarians who need education and discipline.” Both Bachmanns are anti-gay and run 2 christian mental clinics. Perhaps they continue their attempts at gay-to-straight conversions.

When I looked on the INTERNET to research the Bachmanns, I found videos of Marcus, who would be the first male spouse in the traditional First Lady role:

VIDEO: Meet Dr. Bachmann. He loves his wife. He is not gay..

Michele, Marcus and Family

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