JULY 4, 2011

FOURTH OF JULY FIREWORKS behind the Washington Monument

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA! We are 235 years old!  We look back on a history fighting for “government of the people and by the people.” Thirteen colonies of England defied King George 3 and formed a new nation, a confederacy of 13 states. [Thank you France for your role.]  Soon the confederacy was abandoned and we became a republic with a federal government which continues to evolve in power and reach. Although the black splotch of slavery is a part of our history, black Americans have reached all levels of society and the military.  We now have a US President who is half black and half white. More and more civil rights are being recognized for oppressed minorities. Although we experience a looming economic crisis, we enjoy the largest economy in the world.  We remain the only super power in the world.  Our President is revered as “The Leader of the Free World.”

So, enjoy your BBQs and cookouts. Sing along to patriotic songs at the town square.  Be amazed by the splendiferous fireworks in person and on PBS TV. In all ways enjoy being an A M E R I C A N !

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