Just hours ago, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals passed down a decision barring enforcement of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT), reinstating Judge Virginia Phillips’s injunction from October 2010. According to the order, DADT cannot be enforced unless the federal government appeals and is granted a stay of the order from either the Ninth Circuit or the Supreme Court. 6:15PM


As I am want to do, I watched “Morning Joe” Tuesday.  Joe was off and the only conservative republican at the table was Patrick J. Buchanan, MSNBC Analyst and former candidate for the Presidency.  Pat always makes for lively conversation and, may I say, entertainment.  As he often does, Pat dispensed with analysis and launched a campaign to defend high profits by hedge fund managers and those who fly in corporate jets. Pat warned that republican members of The House
were elected last November because they promised “not to raise taxes.” Continuing, he said, that they fear their constituents and what would happen if they returned home from Washington AFTER RAISING TAXES ON THE RICH. If I accept Pat’s premise, I think that those voters meant that they did not want their taxes raised: The working poor and the middle-class republican voters. Former Congressman

Harold Ford, Jr.

Harold Ford, Jr. (D-TN) gave insightful non-partisan flavor along with the democratic views. Unfortunately, Joe Scarborough was not on his show today to comment on the points Harold made. Businessman, Donny Deutsch and host, Mika Brzezinski, tried to get Buchannan to think outside of the republican box, but, they failed in the face of Pat’s wordy distractions.

So, the freshman class in The House rules the roost without coming before the American people and defending their viewpoints.  We don’t know them, except for down-trodden Paul Ryan (R-WI) who has put forth his reforms for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Paul has angered the entire nation: Those who are receiving benefits as well as those 55 and younger. I wish I could see a breakdown of the family members of those who serve in Congress who receive these benefits. Who depend on them for survival. I wonder, “Are the grandparents of Tea Party members of Congress being shutout of the national discourse?  TEA PARTY HOUSE MEMBERS, COME OUT OF THE CLOSET. FACE


THOSE YOU REPRESENT AND THE REST OF THE NATION BEFORE YOU VOTE.  Let us see if you can defend the hammer lock you have on Speaker Boehner and the resulting gridlock. Defend rewarding the rich simply because they are rich and pay your campaign bills letting America be damned with peril.  Don’t wait for eleventh hour blackmail deals at the August 2nd deadline. (Debt Ceiling).

American politics is in a sorry state.  We have a federal legislature that does not govern: Witness, Congress has only passed 18 bills in 6 months. WE HAVE A BROKEN CONGRESS!You may not know that GOP Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), who makes the schedule, has turned membership in the US House into a part-time job!  You “work” a little…and then go home…over and over again.  Where’s the continuity?

"Farmers Prepare for War"

Once upon a time members of the Congress had to return home to attend to their farms, their primary job.  Those days are over.  Today, they go home to ‘work the district.’  Do your representatives in Congress respond to your letters, faxes and email? I must say that one of my senators always replies to me, even though we only agree that Medicare must be protected for the elderly. He is very polite as he tells me the positions he will take against my wishes. [I am in a “red state.”]  Sadly, my communications to President Barack Obama go unanswered. 😦

The long struggle to arrive at November 2012 has begun.  Tea Party, use your power for the fiscal good of the global economy.  Your actions affect more people than the people back home.  You have a responsibility to the world to ensure that the American economy is perceived everywhere as strong, secure and vibrant.  This responsibility is more important that your being re-elected. If you are good at governance, God will reward you accordingly.  Ask Him to show you the way to do your job and make your decisions.  In part, you decide if America remains an exceptional nation or not.  Will your public service make America proud and great? Do the right thing!

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