Speaker Boehner:

You keep saying that you and your House republicans will not vote for tax increases for the rich.  You say that would lead to the rich deciding NOT to create new jobs.  Well, what about the status quo? Your rich friends are doing nothing to create jobs for the millions of unemployed Americans with their existing tax breaks.  Do you listen to yourself on TV? It seems that you are doggedly knocking your head against a brick wall expecting a different result.  Rich people are not inclined to “re-invest and create jobs,” to use your words.  They are sitting on a trillion dollars in capital.  You and Eric Cantor never explain why republicans will not vote to increase taxes on the rich.  Oh, wait, you don’t say “the rich.”  You try to pull the wool over our eyes and say that you will not vote to ‘RAISE TAXES ON AMERICANS.” This is dishonest.  You mean *RICH* AMERICANS. Why don’t you be a man and say what you mean?  Your friends have all the money and create all the jobs. They pay y’all to vote a certain way and only on certain bills that just cannot be prevented from coming up for a vote.  You republicans have always voted for raises in the Debt Ceiling.  Why is this time any different.  Is it because you are trying to quash a black interloper in the White House.  Sir, you personally said the GOP will give us jobs in 2011. You have failed to do that! You have not passed 1 jobs bill.  In fact, Congress has only passed 18 bills in 6 months… less all the down time House members get to enjoy.


Boehner: 50-50 Chance of Debt Deal

Maybe all the rumors of grand bargains weren’t so far off. Speaker John Boehner told members of the House Republican caucus Thursday morning that there’s a 50-50 chance of a deal on the federal budget and the debt ceiling within the next 48 hours. And one member present, New York Rep. Peter King, said he thought the odds were even better. The news comes after a day of softening positions on both sides, with Democrats suggesting they were open to cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, and Republicans floating a willingness to consider revenue increases-perhaps through closing tax loopholes. But conservative members are still wary of revenue boosters, and said Boehner said the GOP wasn’t interested in increasing taxes.

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Mr. Boehner, forget you are a republican.  Remember your elected role in our government and reach a compromise [you call it “common ground”] with the President and do what is best for the country…regardless of how it may affect any particular political party.  Earn your place in history. Jesus loves you!

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