Derek Jeter, NY Yankees short stop, is two hits away from 3000! Look out history books! Last night Derek’s family was assembled at the game only to be disappointed by fate. Fri. 5:53am

Is the president giving the bully his lunch money before he’s even asked for it? Or, by promising future concessions — long beyond his tenure — Obama could be playing a clever hand.

Luring Republicans to the negotiating table with a ten-year plan to cut trillions from the budget is either capitulation of his own party’s principles or a devious ploy to gain GOP endorsement of higher taxes for the wealthy. [Craig Crawford] Read entire article at Huffington Post.

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Kaiser Health Tracking Poll — June 2011 — June 2011
The June Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds a plurality of Americans (45%) say they would support minor reductions to current levels of Medicare spending, but fewer than one in five (18%) support major reductions for this purpose. As the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination gets underway, the economy and jobs dominate the list of issues voters say they want to hear about from candidates (60%), with health care ranking a distant second (26%).

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