“In an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how President Obama and the Republicans moved toward avoiding a government default, Howard Kurtz reports on how back-channel communications with the likes of Eric Cantor led to a possible deal. The piece examines the Kabuki culture of Washington in which both parties used harsh rhetoric in playing to their core constituents while quietly making compromises as the clock ticked on a debt-ceiling deadline.” [Howard Kurtz,The Daily Beast]

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WASHINGTON — House Democrats are circulating a resolution accusing House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) of having a conflict of interest in the debt ceiling debate, a move that could provide an awkward C-SPAN moment for one of the lead Republicans in the budget negotiations. [HuffPost]

Dear Leaders:

You are leaders in our political parties, leaders on committees in The Senate and The House and members of voting blocs: caucuses. BUT MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT, YOU SHOULD BE DEFINED BY THE DRIVING FORCE OF BEING OUR REPRESENTATIVES. When national polls tell you…and us…how most Americans feel on the issues of the day, you should be guided by OUR WISHES. [I am tempted to say, “Lobbyists be damned,” but I won’t.] Our opinions and yours on what Congress should authorize with laws should be a delicate mélange which serves the country best.

This is relevant because currently the news is that President Obama is rumored to be offering republicans cuts on Social Security, Medicare and Medicare in exchange for tax raises on the top 1% of the country, a/k/a THE RICH! [These raises are sometimes called cuts.] Mr. President you know that the polls show that the overwhelming majority of Americans feel there should be no cuts in our entitlements.  We work hard all our lives and when we reach our “golden years,” we should have the benefits to which we are entitled.  Most of us at that age will need Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid just to survive from day-to-day.

What Will Be Your Status at Age 65?

Rich people work, too, but they have the wherewithal to invest in Wall Street, etc. to build wealthy retirement funds for when they reach their “golden years.” It is immoral and unchristian to deny the middle-class, the “working poor”  and the outright poor the benefits our society have put in place as safety nets to give us some decent quality of life as senior citizens.  Mr. President, don’t sell us out. Yes, we support SHARED SACRIFICE. But, the financial crisis should not be resolved on our backs. [Thank you, Nancy Pelosi!] I am a democrat because democrats feel a sense of social morality and responsibility born out of our Christian heritage. Mr. President you are Democrat Number One. You are the head of our party. You are our champion. Please do right by us. Let your every action be guided by our future welfare.

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