06:38pm  David Muir of ABC News reports that President Obama has suspended $800 million in aid to Pakistan’s military.  This is an attempt to pressure them to fight our enemies more effectively.  Hmmm.. Let see how that works!

11:15am 7/10/11 No Damage To Drinking Water From Exxon Mobil Oil Spill -EPA
On this Sunday morning, let’s pray for our President who meets with leaders of Congress to hatch out some kind of deal on the Debt Ceiling.

EXXON Oil Spill on the Yellowstone River

Another large oil company oil spill spoiling pristine American assets.  Last year it was BP. Now it’s EXXON, the most profitable company in the history of the world.  It makes my blood boil when I hear republicans say that democrats want to over-regulate business and keep it from growing and prospering.  The deplorable image above is the direct result of lax regulations and official company lies to government which always go unpunished. [This no specific indictment of EXXON.] The governor in this instance was assured that disaster preparedness was in place in case of an oil spill in the Yellowstone River.  You see there’s an oil pipe under the river. It was all a pack of lies.  The people need regulations and inspections to verify complianceo.


Business unfettered is not noble and will not do the right thing.  They will cheat and cut corners…and lie.  That is why we are in grave danger of another financial crisis.  The Obama administration has let Wall Street and the big banks go back to money-making practices that got us in trouble. Not only that, they are coming up with ways to get around recent legislation and make even more money.  They operate with impunity because no one goes to jail when found out.  They merely pay a fine.

Our democracy is a wonderful thing. One can make a lot of money without resorting to sin and evil.  Give the people a living wage to make a decent product is all that is required.  When we let greed overtake us, we lose our way and no longer respect decent living and business.  One day, people, there’s going to be a great reckoning. Few will be prepared. And, the rocks won’t hide you.

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