How Pure is Tea Party Tea? Tastes Like Pork??? 1

FRESHMAN REPUBLICANS QUIETLY LOBBYING FOR PORK – If there’s one thing that Republicans approach more discretely than same-sex affairs, it’s the acquisition of government money. And, not unlike their homosexual dalliances, GOP lawmakers publicly denounce the government largess they secretly covet. Sam Stein: “A Freedom of Information Act request of the communications between freshmen House members and federal agencies reveals that, in private, GOP lawmakers have pressed for tens of millions of dollars in federal help for their districts, even while decrying federal spending in front of the national press corps. Take, for instance, Rep. Bill Johnson (R-Ohio). On March 8, the freshman Republican co-signed a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration requesting that the Department of Transportation fund a project to improve a runway at the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport. The cost of the improvement: $4.365 million. Less than a month later, on the floor of the House, he declared that ‘our nation is broke. The federal government has maxed out its credit card.'” –Sam Stein [HuffPost]

Potbelly Teacup Pig. Cuter than Congressional Pork!

We keep hearing that behind the scenes tea party (freshman) reps in the US House have Speaker Boehner’s cojones in a vice and no work is being done. Witness Boehner has not passed a jobs bill in six months! It was shocking for  me to read the above excerpt from Sam Stein’s article revealing that the pure as snow tea party legislators are quietly involving themselves in the dirtiest part of Congressional politics:  The acquisition of pork for the people back home!  Can no one smell the stench of pork over the heady perfume of tea?  Seems like the House’s Freshman Class is being corrupted as is custom.  Thanks Sam, for putting it out there for us.  I hope everyone reads your entire article on The Huffington Post by clicking the link above.

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“Shocker: Anti-government activists are all welfare queens! But they accept the “wealthy white person” version of welfare, which is “farm subsidies.” (The “wealthy white person” version of welfare is also lots of other subsidies and tax credits and government spending.)” [Source: Salon]


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