Tea Party Would Kill Baby to Cure the Disease

The resolution to the current fiscal crisis is being stymied by the recalcitrant TEA PARTY. They are so committed to not raising the debt ceiling that they would




Harry Reid And Mitch McConnell: ‘Hybrid’ Solution To Debt Standoff

CONGRESS: ‘Do they know it’s raining?’

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When I was young, I did my share of sowing wild oats and experimenting.  Now that I am retired, I am very much concerned with the health of our democracy. Are we undergoing a slow decline which our leaders cannot see? There is so much that Congress does not have the will to do:

  • Ø Campaign Finance Reform
  • Ø Banking Reform
  • Ø Tax Code Loopholes
  • Ø Less Reliance on Lobbyists
  • Ø Robust Environmental Protections
  • Ø Global Warming
  • Ø Jobs for Our Military Returning from War
  • Ø Full Support for the President’s Efforts in Libya
  • Ø Research on New Forms of Energy
  • Ø Large-scale Infrastructure Projects Although We Are in a Recession
  • Ø A Renaissance for NASA
  • Ø An Obese Citizenry
  • Ø Reform of Social Security
  • Ø Reform of Medicare
  • Ø Reform of Medicaid
  • Ø Reform of the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Ø Trade Imbalance with China
  • Ø Inferior Compensation for the Military
  • Ø Cap and Trade
  • Ø Drug War and America’s Appetite for Drugs
  • Ø Require States to Use Federal Money for the Intended Purpose and Not to Close Budget Gaps
  • Ø Debt Ceiling
  • Ø Poverty and Hunger in America
  • Ø Healthcare Delivery
  • Ø Wall Street, Banking and Securities Reform
  • Ø Insurance Industry Reform
  • Ø American Foreign Policy with an Emphasis on China and Russia
  • Ø Relations with Central and South America
  • Ø Over-Crowded Penal System
  • Ø Education
  • Ø High Level Research and Development in Sensitive Industries
  • Ø Reform the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Ø Tax Offshore Profits of American Companies
  • Ø Law to Reverse the Citizen’s United Supreme Court Decision
  • Ø Food Safety
  • Ø Limit “Pork”
  • Ø Development New Technology Nuclear Power Plants

I’ll stop. (My back hurts!) With so many areas of concern, how can Eric Cantor let house members spend so much time away from Congress? I am sure there are committees that are working on such issues. It’s just that the media only covers hearings like the ones Peter King had on  radical Muslims in America.

Obama's Journey to November 2012

I sit at my humble computer each day, powerless to change conditions in our country but attempting to influence those who can: YOU!  There’s an old saying, “It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.” Let’s make some noise, people! Apply some pressure on Congress to ‘get ‘err done!’ Go red, white and blue!

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