Mr. President, What’s Fair is Fair!

Mr. President:

I have worked hard all my life to reach my “Golden Years.”  I paid my FICA contributions without fail. I have not amassed a fortune. I depend on Social Security to survive. I speak for millions of Americans like me.  During our working life, we supported countless retirees with full benefits and COLAs as the law dictated. It is not fair to change the rules after the game has been played.  The Republican refrain, “We don’t have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem,” is primarily wrong. We need more Americans working and paying into the system to support our level of benefits.  Congress and past presidents have raided our “lockbox” and used Social Security funds for other purposes.  Now you, Mr. President and Congress must restore our money. That requires MORE REVENUE, Tea Party! Now is not the time to break the government’s contract with its workers.

Mr. President, don’t cave in to Republicans who are controlled by their Tea Party element.  Last December you and the Congress waited until the 11th hour to solve the then financial crisis.  Republicans (and the Tea Party) are waiting until the last-minute to resolve our current financial crisis Some say that there is not enough time make your “big deal” happen before the August 2 deadline for raising the Debt Ceiling.  Please get all your ducks in a row and pass an interim measure in Congress as a bridge to your comprehensive “big deal” that will make a significant difference in our lives.  Those of us on Social Security have not had a Cost-of-Living increase in two years while prices in all sectors have risen. Please, sir, protect our benefits extant so that we can endure the short future God has planned for us.  Make changes in the workforce that will secure the benefits of Social Security (and, indeed, Medicare and Medicaid) for future retirees and the poor.  The world depends on American promises globally. Can we depend on you and the Congress for local justice and fairness? PROTECT THE GOVERNMENT/WORKER CONTRACT!

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