Republicans Have Crossed the Line

Are you following the ebb and flow of negotiations on our debt, spending and raising the Debt Ceiling?  Republican leaders keep repeating their mantra: “The American people voted for spending cuts.” I just saw a chart on CNN where anchor, John King, showed a chart revealing that months ago 47% of Republican voters thought their party (driven by their Tea Party element) was on the right track.  Today some of those voters, more than 10%, have changed their minds!

While reducing spending  and reducing the National Debt are laudable goals, Republican voters did not vote for package of legislation that Republicans in Congress are trying to force the President into excepting.  They did not vote for their leaders to risk “the full faith and credit of the United States.”  And, that is just what John Boehner (R-OH), Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY) are doing to us.  Under revered President Ronald Reagan, the Debt Ceiling was raised 18 times as a matter of course.  Today, the Tea Party holds the needed raise in the Debt Ceiling hostage in an attempt to force their agenda onto all of us Americans. If last November’s election were held today, there would be a different result.

IMHO, what the Tea Party, whose champion is Mrs. Marcus (Michele) Bachmann, is not in keeping with Christian and the best of American values. Jesus would not resort to blackmail. Jesus would be a fair negotiator and not depart from a meeting as a part of strategy. Jesus would not make unreasonable demands and would not try to solve our financial crisis of the backs of the poor and middle-class.  Did Jesus preach to the rich class of his era? Remember the Pharisees? No, he taught Christian principles to those at the bottom of society: The oppressed.  The working class who toil to make the wealthy grow even more wealthy and powerful.  Today only 1% of our population is rich.  They possess an outstanding part of American wealth in cash, corporate profits and resulting political power. Would Jesus want to make the rich even richer?  If He were here, He would preach against the oppression by the rich in our country. Remember Jesus’ teachings from as far back as Sunday School? Christ would be at the negotiation tables and would influence the process of negotiation and the result. Jesus Christ is missing from the negotiations in Washington, D.C. Speaker Boehner and the President should ask, “What would Jesus do?”

And, what are the Republicans trying to accomplish?  On the state level they are using the funds of super pacs and donors (like the Koch brothers) to assume governmental power into the hands of the few.  They want to take away the people’s power and sell off public assets.  They want to destroy the people’s voice and champion –the unions. (Witness Wisconsin.)  Have you been following the Governor Walker scandal? You see daily on the TV what Republicans are doing on a federal level. I do not think Republicans value the opinions of the American people expressed in polls, emails and letters sent to them.  Opinions delivered by phone go unheeded. I am tempted to give into frustration and say, “This is evil!, but, first I think I should look up the definition of evil:

Definition of EVIL

a : morally reprehensible : sinful, wicked <an evil impulse> b : arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct <a person of evil reputation>
a archaic : inferior b : causing discomfort or repulsion : offensive <an evil odor> c : disagreeable <woke late and in an evil temper>
a : causing harm : pernicious <the evil institution of slavery> b : marked by misfortune : unlucky
evil adverb, archaic
evil·ly adverb
evil·ness noun
Well, there you have it. How do you think the goings on in Washington qualify for this definition?  On this Sunday, I ask you to pray for the nation and our leaders.  Ask God to warm their hearts with the love of Jesus. Cause their tongues to speak as Jesus would and give us a Christian solution to all our problems with the Congress.  Heavenly Father, please bless the United States of America!
[As you pray, play “The Church’s One Foundation.]


DIDYA KNOW:  “Congress only works 52.6% of the time!”

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