SAY, WHERE DO YOU SHOP?  Do any of these shops and products appear on your shopping list?  Will your Christmas savings account do much damage at any of these venues?  They say that only 1% of our population are truly wealthy.  And, they stay rich because the Republican Party and its campaign donors protect the Bush Tax cuts, et als which favor the rich. The American rich really enjoy their position in our society.  They are the elites! And, at the same time, they support reducing the benefits of the other 99% of the American population.  They want benefits under Social Security, Medicare and, especially, Medicaid (for the poor) fundamentally changed and reduced.  When the <<nouveau riche>> reach millionaire status and above, they undergo  a curious transformation which turns them against the masses where they were born, grew and became successful.

We witness the Republican Party (popularly known as the party of the rich) fiercely protecting low tax rates (Bush Tax Cuts) for the rich and opposing Shared Sacrifice, a concept we must accept or be doomed. Wikipedia does not cover “shared sacrifice,” but, it is a simple concept: All levels of society should contribute their fair share of cuts and taxes to solve the current financial crisis. Our President is rich, yet, he says that he is willing to pay more taxes. However, he, and many rich people, are Democrats.  The Democratic Party is known for its championing issues germane to the lower classes: Food, shelter, clothing, medicine, healthcare and employment with fair wages. Oh, and the bane of Republican existence: THE UNIONS!

SO, WHERE DO YOU SHOP? I would think at Sears, Macys, Food Lion, Chevrolet, etc. You live on a budget and know not the meaning of “spendthrift.”  You do not live “high on the hog,” and eat moderately priced foods and wear sensible clothes and shoes. Many of you belong to the class of immigrants who struggle and reach varying degrees of success in business. The 2012 Election is afoot and you must be involved.  Doesn’t it make sense to vote for politicians who protect your interests? Democrats do! Shouldn’t you vote for politicians who are will to compromise in governance…unlike the Tea Party who control the Republican Party?  Our current financial dilemma is being orchestrated by the Republican Party and more so, those freshman Republicans in the US House who refuse to protect “the full faith and credit of the United States.”  There can be no other choice for you in November 2012: VOTE DEMOCRATIC!

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