Washington Stinks!

Are the Democrats going to cave?  This morning Joe Scarborough said that we aren’t strong enough to take a stand and see it through until the end.[sic]  I just heard a rumor that Harry Reid is liking the Boehner plan?  Fellow Democrats, I am afraid this will end badly!  😦


I am sure that last night you watched the President and the House Speaker.  President Obama laid out his easy to understand plan to share the burden of fixing our financial crisis. His plan cuts across all levels of society. This includes sacrifices for the rich, the top 1% of our population. Speaker John Boehner quickly responded with his plan which clearly does not protect us from having our AAA credit rating downgraded.  Moodys and Standard and Poors have warned that if we do not address our debt in a meaningful way, they will downgrade us for the first time in history. Boehner’s plan does not have enough time for us to demonstrate that we are on the right track.  Raising the Debt Ceiling is our urgent first step.

There are at lest three reasons why Republicans object to President Obama’s solution:

  1. President Obama wants to eliminate tax cuts on the rich which means raising their taxes.  These are the Bush Tax Cuts. In their zeal to protect the rich from their patriotic duty, the Republicans think we have forgotten the massive windfall (tax cuts) they received only 7 months ago.
  2. Republicans want dramatic cuts to the entitlement programs which allow a major portion of us to survive: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Of course Democrats object to how deeply this cuts would be. IMHO, it is not fair for the middle-class and the poor to sacrifice and the rich and highly profitable corporations to be protected from feeling any pain.  The idea that the Bush Tax Cuts would spark the rich to create jobs has been discredited.  Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Cantor and Minority Leader McConnell will not tell you why the rich should not pay more in taxes to grow our revenue which reduces our debt.  Those jobs the rich were expected to make would reduce the deficit in an important way. They are no longer entitled to these low tax rates.

It’s all about politics, people!  The amount of pain the Republicans want to inflict on us to advance their agenda is shocking.  Why must all the middle-class and the poor suffer for Republicans to secure the Presidency?  Last night the computers that give us social media were overwhelmed by our outcry of unfairness. Let’s do that every day until the Debt Ceiling is raised.  That MUST happen and soon or we will default on our loan payments….our debt. President Obama needs all of us to apply pressure to the Congress to press them to do the right thing.  President Obama is serious in his commitment to protecting our nation’s charge: “The full faith and credit of the United States” must be protected under The Constitution.


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