Economic Terrorists Take Down USA

08:10PM THIS JUST IN: Minority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell(R-KY) has advised Majority Leader Harry Reid(D-NA) that he will not negotiate with him. Only the President. And, he plans to filibuster the Reid bill rather than allow a simple majority vote. This is an alarming development. What sicko poisoned the “tea” served to Republicans in Congress?

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)

“Economic Terrorists Take Down USA

That could be the headline next week should Moody’s and S&P’s downgrade our AAA bond rating launching hikes in interest rates on assorted loans and other financial instruments. But, more important, there could global chaos around the world as the USA is no longer recognized as the “Gold Standard” for doing business.  With a low US dollar, what’s to prevent China from taking over as top dog in the financial world.  They have been itching for this opportunity! Perhaps the world will be forced to return to a real “Gold Standard…one using actual gold. By accelerating our financial problems beyond a quick resolution, The Tea Party has done to us what no other power in the world has been able to do in 70 years!

Have you noticed how quiet it has been since the Tea Party representatives in the House began their work?  MICHELE BACHMANN HAS BEEN SILENT (except to say she’ll vote “no” on raising the debt ceiling) since the Tea Party Caucus has been reeking havoc on our financial future.  Is she Svengali behind the scenes? She founded The Tea Party Caucus. Can we lay the damage of Tea Party (Republican) intransigence at the feet of Mrs. Bachmann, who is running for President? She has been conspicuously absent from the news broadcasts that I have seen. And, I watch news all day!

So, John Boehner got his 218 votes. His bill will go to The Senate in short order.  Senator Harry Reid (D-NA) will strip all of it save the HR number and insert his bill into the document.  He will file “his bill” with House before midnight.[Time Saving measure]  By Monday, President Obama may have a bill to sign into law. [Source: Chuck Todd, Political Director, MSNBC]  These have been times that try men’s souls. The Tea Party has been tried in the balance and found lacking.  What does the future have for John Boehner in the way of a political career?  Will the Tea Party force him out? Time will tell.  We just need to win 25 more seats to re-take The House in November. I can’t wait!

Social Security Trust Fund, My A**!

Well, I guess all doubt has been removed:  There is no Social Security Trust Fund! Why am I sitting here on pins and needles? I have been paying  FICA since I was sixteen. That money was supposed to be set aside for my retirement years.  Congress had no right to borrow that money to use for other purpposes…AND NOT PAY THE MONEY BACK! Congress needs to fix this situation.  They must pass a law preventing them from touching seniors’ money!

Last night John Boehner was unable to secure 216 votes to pass his bill.  In the face of financial doom, the Tea Party representatives in the House stubbornly refuse to compromise now that they have Boehner by the cojones.  Are they so naive that they think all the warnings of financial doom beginning Tuesday are false?  Haven’t they seen stock markets around the world dropping as we near our deadline?  DO THEY DARE THE BOND RATING AGENCIES TO DOWNGRADE THE CREDIT RATING OF THE UNITED STATES? FOOLS! While this country needs reform, it cannot be at the high price the world would pay. Sixty five (65) men and women believe that their promise to their voters to cut spending is inviolate! They have been in the US House 7 months and they now make a grab for power.  The Tea Party was born in ugly campaigning and now is revealed to be Damien Thorn.

President Obama waits in the wings with his trusty Veto. Regrettably, he is willing to make cuts to entitlements.  Just how those cuts would impact recipients has not been revealed. Let’s pray he will continue our “contract with America” and spare current recipients. Lord, what will today bring?  More delay?  More fumbling in the “world’s most deliberative body?”  [No, that’s the Senate.] [Democrats control the Senate.]  🙂

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