AA+ Is Not a Badge of Shame

So, Standard and Poors pulled the trigger.  After the miserable display of governing the world’s only super by both political parties, we lost our “AAA” rating.  And, we were warned!  In the face of calamity did the Congress pull together and make a joint effort to stave off a seeming  ‘impossibility’?  Were they too arrogant?  Were they too petty and single-minded in their desire for a political victory…at any cost?  One analyst said that it was known that we had serious financial problems, but, they were escalated by the Tea Party’s lack of regard for the safety of our economy and their puzzling unwillingness to compromise and a strong desire to protect low tax rates for the rich, who are consumed by their lust for increasing wealth on the backs of the middle-class and the poor.  This should be white-collar crime!  Of course our massive debt and no end to unending unemployment factored into S&P’s decision.  If only our leaders had a scintilla of vision!  WE HAVE TO VOTE NEW PEOPLE INTO CONGRESS. THROW THE BUMS OUT!

I was happy this morning when the news reported that “the full faith and credit of the United States” will still mean a lot in financial circles and we should be able to bounce back like Japan did. [Note: Today, we borrow from Japan whose economy tanked in the ’80s.]  I am sure more encouragement will come from analysts as the day moves on.  It wouldn’t hurt to include our nation in your daily prayers.