Tea Party, Have You Heard? “A House Divided…”

The Tea Party‘s blindness to the harm it was causing us now rocks the globe. No one talks to the Tea Party but Eric Cantor and John Boehner. We keep waiting for  them to come out with a mea culpa style press release saying that they have learned their lesson and are more than willing to work with all parts of The Congress, and the President, to fix the untenable way we have been governing our great country and repair any damage, real or imagined, to the “full faith and credit of the United States.”  Monday our investors’ faith in stocks reached a new low in a selloff. But, as people sold stocks, what did they buy?  AA+ Rated Treasury Bonds!  Standard and Poor’s, whose own creditability is questioned, did not damage the intangible faith in the credit worthiness of The United States!  The actions of this agency will have a positive effect by pushing self-serving political interests into abandoning their competing lust for individual victories and putting America’s health first in our domestic hearts.

Speaker John Boehner must denounce his zealous exclamation, “I got 98% of what I wanted” and with Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell, guide all Republicans back to the tradition of why we send elected representatives to Washington, DC., i.e., to represent the people and not some political party or ideology.  The Congress should volunteer to shorten their long vacations and resume their seats in The Capitol to work focused on one goal: To fix what has gone wrong with American politics avowing to forever sever a raise in the Debt Ceiling from any other issue.  When were attacked and brought into World War II, we were welded into one nation with one goal:  To defeat the forces of evil who were conspiring to rule the world. While evil was unable to dominate the world militarily, evil is not dead. It is strong and diverse and seeks to economically dominate the good people of the world. Witness large-scale computer hacking for economic advantage.  Witness the starving masses in Somalia who are being kept hungry to conserve power over them. Witness dictators slaughtering their people to remain in power.

John Boehner, this mythical “98%” you got, what is it or what does it amount to? You and your Tea Party have done harm and must atone by ‘straightening up and flying right.’  That “big deal” you rejected must be put back on the table and passed into law.  In a series of sober ads Rachel Maddow  asks, “Can America do big things again?”  It falls to you, John Boehner…and Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell,,,and President Obama, to answer that salient question.  The world expects us to function as we did when we we defeated the original “axis of evil.”  Gentlemen, will you answer the call? The world is waiting!

2 thoughts on “Tea Party, Have You Heard? “A House Divided…”

  1. The Tea Party did not cause the Budget Deficit. The Tea Party has had partial political power in the US House since January 2011. That $14.3 trillion dollar debt did not just pop up out of nowhere after January. S&P has warned repeatedly about cutting the US credit rating for several eyars – long before there even was a Tea Party. President Obama’s hands are all over nearly $4 trillion in debt since he took power. Did the Tea Party ask for trillion dollar stimulus package or Obama’s unfunded payroll tax cuts?

    Obama’s original Debt Ceiling increase request was for zero deficit reduction- not a penny. The Tea Party causcus demanded cuts and ultimately got $2.1 trillion. Instead of blaming the Tea Party, you should put the blame where it belongs: President Obama, Congressional Democrats and the pre-Tea Party GOP of the Bush years.

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