Dick Cheney’s Legacy? Unindicted War Criminal?

When President Obama became President, he decided not to prosecute the George W. Administration for war crimes.  Our minds were full of the pictures of  abu ghraib prison and of Cheney’s defense of our using torture, water-boarding and other enhanced methods of interrogation on our prisoners of war.  A few days ago, Cheney was interviewed by CNN as part of the rollout of his new book which he says, “Will make heads pop all over Washington.”  Cheney’s book tells tales out of school, revealing private conversations and the like.  In the interview with CNN Cheney was un-remorseful and proud of the way he and George W. brought about and conducted their war in Iraq.  Legacy?  Dick Cheney does not care about what we think of him loves and loves the “Darth Vader” comparisons.  He is not phased  when heckled and called a “war criminal.” Watch:

President Obama thought that to prosecute our former heads of state would be too much for the nation to endure.  We survived Richard Nixon’s disgrace, Oliver North’s trial, Clarence Thomas’ hearing, O.J. Simpson’s trial, the Menendez brothers, “Son of Sam”, the Lindbergh baby kidnap/murder and Casey Anthony.  Perhaps prosecuting executive war criminals would have been a ‘blood-letting” that would have cured the body politic.  Watch this video by Ron Reagan, Jr. [Ironically, President Ronald Reagan signed the law banning torture.]:

Would Cheney have had us make war with Iran?  We will never know for sure. My intuition is that Dick Cheney is justly called Darth Vader. His legacy is WATER-BOARDING:

Man who said, “Water-boarding is not torture” changes his mind after suffering this treatment: