Rome Burns While Eric Cantor Refuses to Recant!


Eric Cantor, GOP Leader in the house is, again, being difficult with providing funds to help victims of Irene. Eric Cantor is requiring spending cuts to equal the amount of aid to Americans who are in great distress.  Rome burns while Cantor and the House’s infamous Tea Party have learned nothing about the admonition of Standard and Poor’s regarding their intransigence as a major cause for their lowering the US credit rating of “AAA” which we have enjoyed for 70 years.  Along with their reasoning, they gave us an unfavorable outlook on our economy. Do you understand what they are saying?  They don’t think that we can govern ourselves out of our flagging economy. I had hoped that Speaker John Boehner, Eric Cantor and The Tea Party had been chastened by our losing our “AAA” rating which the world depends on. I had hoped they would now PUT AMERICA FIRST.  They have not been chastened and play the role of Nero,

Eric Cantor "Fiddles" While the American People Suffer in the Aftermath of Irene

fiddling while Rome burns. Make that, while the American people suffer losing their houses and cars in raging floods and fires that are cut off from fire departments. Roads and bridges have been washed away stranding families.  While Eric postures, thousands of Americans have lost their lives as they knew them. Have you seen the videos?

Eric, even though one of three credit rating agencies has downgraded  the US, we still can borrow money at around 3%. [The “faith and credit of the United States” remains unchanged.] A 3% loan is very low and there is great demand for our business.  Yes, this would increase the deficit, but, if you and your Tea Party would work with President Obama on a bold and large jobs program, the tax revenue from the resulting jobs would go to offset these loans.  For very little in borrowing, we can gain big results which will grow the economy. We would have a stimulus that works!  Eric, you and John Boehner have been in your jobs for eight months and have done nothing to make this country better, except name post offices.  You have significantly lowered Congress’ position in public opinion polls.  You have failed to make this country better, reduce suffering and ameliorate the myriad problems facing this country.  And why? POLITICAL BRINKMANSHIP. POLITICAL VICTORY (AS YOU SEE IT). Witness Standard and Poor’s evaluation of your conduct.

Eric Cantor, you have been working in concert with the Minority Leader in the Senate, Sen. Mitch McConnell, to delegitimize our first black President, to make his job as difficult as possible, to make him appear to be incompetent and to make him “a one term President.”  Sir, while you execute this cruel campaign, the American country and her people suffer.  Millions of us have no jobs and are unable to buy the staples of life. What have you done to relieve them?  Women’s health programs have been under a systematic attack by Republicans and you have allowed it.  We have more Americans on Food Stamps than ever before.  Ed Schultz of MSNBC has had to promote free medical clinics in various parts of the country to serve the poor.  You Republicans ignore the polls which tell you our positions on issues of the day and substitute Republican ideology. The middle-class is ill-served.  Would that The Constitution allowed for recalling members of Congress who refuse to do the will of the people.


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Republicans want less regulation in business: Dodd-Frank, Banking/Wall Street, EPA, Koch Industries, etc. They want us to go back to suffering health problems caused by pollutants and toxins. They want the banks and investment houses to continue ripping us off! [Wives, would you let your husbands work around asbestos?] You bailed out the big banks and Wall Street  without interest. Why not bail out the American people whose mortgages are larger the worth of their homes. This is the 21st Century! I fail to see why the politicians in Washington will not revolt from their slave masters and govern us like our Forefathers did.  They sought to make us the greatest democracy in history.
McConnell, Cantor and Boehner
You, Eric, John, Mitch, et als, are ineffectual, obstinate and you have no new ideas or imagination. My heart jumped in my chest last night when I heard Rep. Keith Ellison say what this blog has been suggesting for months: “We need a WPA like program” which will give us millions of jobs, add tax revenue, ease hunger and make for a healthier nation.  The WPA worked before and was done on a grand scale.  Next week President Obama will unveil bold ideas on jobs and the economy.  If you love America, guys, throw of the shackles which bind you from performing your real jobs: To serve the American people, not lobbyists, special interests and large campaign donors.  What a relief you would enjoy producing good and honest legislation for a change.  You would enjoy your work for once.  This joy would carry over into your family life which shares the stress you are under.  The American people will begin to respect Congress again which is a most worthy goal.