Recently, we saw what freshman congressmen can do in The House to screw up the works.  For a very long time we have complained about gridlock in Congress, but our pleas for movement on issues have fallen on deaf ears.  Perhaps some of our senators and representatives have been in The Congress long enough.  Please peruse these charts on Wikipedia and see which members have been around too long. Yes, longevity gives a member power, membership on choice committees, chairmanships, etc., but, at what cost to the people who opinions they ignore?  Gridlock has been going on in The Congress for decades.  The Tea Party is just the latest iteration. I suggest that The Constitution be amended to allow for recalling members of Congress for cause.

Today, we learned that we have wasted $60 billion dollars on contractors and bribes in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Why isn’t Eric Cantor calling for spending cut here?  Why isn’t Eric Cantor calling for all our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan be brought home immediately?  We would save $1.4 trillion dollars in reduced spending which would solve our most pressing economic problem!

Each day we see members of Congress being interview on TV, but, on the six o’clock news we don’t hear of this and that legislation being enacted into law.  Witness: The 112th Congress has been “working” for eight months and have not passed a jobs bill. And, they won’t own up and tell us why.  Maybe, “throw the bums out!”