EMERGENCY! Got Clean Air?

Tell President Obama You’re Outraged! Clean Up Our Air Now, Send a Message Today! asthma


Dear GoodOleWoody,

Just hours ago, President Obama asked EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to withdraw the proposed new national ozone standards, delaying until at least 2013 a safeguard that would protect our families from dangerous smog pollution.

I am appalled — this delay will literally cost lives.

Send a message to the Obama Administration. Tell them to protect our health and stand up against air pollution!

This issue couldn’t be more urgent: Half of U.S. families live in communities where the air is literally unsafe to breathe — and President Obama is looking the other way.

A new standard for smog would prevent up to 12,000 premature deaths, 5,300 heart attacks and tens of thousands of asthma attacks and other serious respiratory illnesses each year — yet the President has simply kicked the can down the road.

The White House‘s decision is shocking and disappointing to all of us who value breathing clean air. Let the President know that we urge him to stand strong against Big Oil and Coal companies and to protect our communities from pollution. 

Despite a year of intense grassroots pressure by Sierra Club volunteers and our allies, President Obama has caved to corporate special interests who put profit above all else, including the health of our families.

Tell the President that a healthy economy requires clean air and healthy people. These protections from smog would have improved our communities and saved billions of dollars in health costs. Letting the polluters off the hook won’t save lives, won’t create jobs and won’t fuel innovation. It will just keep thousands of people sick and kill others prematurely from the pollution in our air.

Contact the White House and tell President Obama that cleaner air is not something we can afford to delay any further.

Thank you for all you do for our environment.


Sarah Hodgdon Signature
Sarah Hodgdon
Sierra Club, Conservation Director