Eric Cantor, Are You the Tail or the Dog?

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Majority Leader, The House

Eric, can anyone reason with your freshmen representatives?  Can Mitch McConnell do the same with his tea party senators?  Some of them have been in state legislatures and know the hurly-burly of divided governance.  Does the Tea Party not see these are times where the needs of the present trump passionate ideology? We have 25 million people who have no jobs. God, how do they manage to eat? Who’s paying their mortgages?  How’d they deal with not being able to shop for the kid’s back-to-school? We need millions of jobs!

At the same time, Mother Nature continues to assault the nation with storms wreaking havoc with land and all forms of real estate on the east coast.  Texas is on fire? [Are we in the “end of days?”] Does the federal government tell the poor victims, “Sorry, the United States is broke?”

Surely, the Tea Party are educated people and have a sense of how perilous our situation is in the world.  Surely they can learn, if they don’t know already.  Are the various leaders in the Tea Party leading them astray?  I am reminded of Rick Perry‘s inane statement that the federal government should be “inconsequential” in our lives. Perry is deluded into thinking that in 2011, individual states can solve the problems of everyday living. Many states are bankrupt and used job stimulus money to balance their budgets, Several republican governors are at war with their people and doing great harm.  Eric, please talk to the Tea Party.  Reason with them.  The President presented his “American Jobs Act” which is non-partisan and seems ideal for passage into law.  We all know that republicans and democrats can get together in times of crisis to solve national problems. If we ever needed  cooperation and compromise, we need it now.

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One thought on “Eric Cantor, Are You the Tail or the Dog?

  1. I would truly love to see the republicans prove that they love this country and all the people in it, not just the faux corporation ones, but I think you are making a plea to the wrong person as he is the one that has been leading the dissent against the president. The republican governors are warring with the people, working hard to take the rights of the people away, while the republicans in washington whittle away at entitlment programs. We the People will fight back in 2012, but we need to fight right now as well. The president asked us to write, call, fax, tweet, email, stand in front of their offices and tell them. Pass the Plan, Pass it Now!! The constitution gives us the right to govern ourselves and when we elect people to represent us in washington, we expect them to hold to their oath of office, not to failed idiology and the Norquist pledge. They need to be reminded who they work for, and that is We the People, not we the corporations.

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