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Dear GoodOleWoody,

If you ever wanted to know what’s wrong in Washington, look no further than the latest pro-polluter monstrosity moving in the U.S. House – the “TRAIN Act.”

Instead of putting people back to work, this slick and underhanded legislation will make people sick and cost lives by blocking important clean air standards that have been under development for decades.

Please Take Action Today: Tell your members of Congress they should reject the dangerous TRAIN Act and let EPA do its job.

How Much Longer Do We Have to Wait for Cleaner Air?

It has been more than 20 years since the overwhelmingly bipartisan passage of the 1990 Clean Air Act, which specifically instructed the EPA to limit mercury, acid gases, and other hazardous pollution from America‘s coal-fired power plants.

After the federal courts threw out a weak, Bush-era power plant rule for mercury, the Obama administration released its proposed Mercury and Air Toxics rule in March of this year.

After nearly five months of receiving input and comments from the public about this rule – which broke overwhelmingly in favor of setting the strongest possible standard, including more than 85,000 comments from EDF activists – EPA is set to finalize the rule this fall.

But, even before EPA finishes its work, the polluter lobby has launched a full-scale offensive to stop this rule in its tracks.

Take Action Today: Tell Congress to let EPA do its job.

The polluter cynicism here is almost too much to believe:

  • They claim they need more time to prepare for this rule even though they have had more than 20 years.
  • They claim they can’t meet the pollution standards even though the technology is widely available and 17 states already require their coal plants to limit mercury emissions.
  • They claim this rule will hurt the economy even though economic analysis finds that for every $1 spent to clean up toxic air pollution the public receives up to $13 in public health and other benefits.

Every year we delay implementing the Mercury and Air Toxics rule will cause up to 17,000 premature deaths from the hundreds of thousands of tons of hazardous air emissions emitted by coal-fired power plants every year.

We need your help to stop the TRAIN Act in its tracks.

Please take action today.

Sam160x200_jpgThanks for your activism and support,
Sam Parry
Director, Online Membership and Activism

Republicans: The Dismantling of America

Could it be?  Republicans put democrats to shame when it comes to speaking as a group–with the  same talking points–using the same phrasing.  They have hoodwinked enough voters to turn so many state legislatures republican with republican governors.  Gov. Walker (R-WI) is still in charge in spite of great efforts to dethrone him.  As reported before, he seeks–or by now has–the power to dismantle local government and sell off public assets to his friends.  Gov. Jan Brewer is so strapped for cash that she is selling off her prisons to a powerful prison industry.  Republican governors do have budget problems, but, it is unconscionable that they are cutting education: schools as well as teachers et als. [Speaking of education, how can America hope to dominate the world–as it once did–in math, science, inventions and higher education with the schools we have  today?] Think of Governor Christie (R-NJ) and intone “Dixie.” The saddest thing is that we

Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC)

witness how republicans are using their new power to take the vote away from blacks and young adults. Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) has successfully instituted picture ID for voting knowing that older blacks in her state have few such means of identification. [Note: Governor Haley’s roots are from India, a country of brown people!]  Can you believe this?  Some republican congressmen are charging their constituents for personal audiences.  Republican candidates for office run from reporters slipping out back doors and refuse to appear on TV and let the public see them be interviewed by the Fourth Estate (which will be redundant in the new society).

Republicans are quick to mouth that democrats want to fight class warfare. Well, republicans are doing something worse: They are dismantling our society.  Little by little they are reducing our society into two classes:  (1) The Royal Class of millionaires and billionaires who have all the land, real estate and money and (2) The peasants who work for them. We witness former tenants living in tent cities in this day and age.  (Sounds like reverse history from our mother country, doesn’t it?)  What promises of royal peerage have been made to the Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Eric Cantor? Don’t the Tea Party and those earning under $200,000 realize that eventually they will be lumped in with us other peasants.  Republicans already edit (read that censor) textbooks in Texas and then send them around the nation. [Note: The Governor in Texas is Rick Perry (R).  One day public housing will consist of  worker cottages…or, God, no: Slave quarters? For generations urban and rural blacks have been living in sub-standard housing and have depended on charity from the privileged class.  Young blacks probably won’t go to see “The Help” because it shows how employment used to be for Negroes post slavery and Jim Crow.  I shudder to think about an all republican dominated America.  Will the royals accept rich blacks into their circle or will racism still persist? I expect that black and white serfs will get along.  Any slaves will be black, of course!

The professional class will be obliterated.  Little need for lawyers and stock brokers.  Wealth will be concentrated into the few republicans who have grabbed the most power in America!  We will probably revert to an agrarian society where peasants till the land, husband the crops and feed Miss Ann and Mr. Charlie. [Terms borrowed from the 1950s when my grandfather was a “yardman.” Who’d heard of landscaping?] Oh, there will be doctors, bankers and judges and a few other professionals, like estate managers…and slave drivers.

One good thing that might happen among the peasant class is a return to God.  I remember reading about the importance of the church to slaves (when allowed)  and which was used to keep them suppressed.  The church gave hope and a reason for living.  Ironically, reading The Bible led to education of the slave class in America which led to racial equality in society… so to speak.

Who knows, before our society collapses into backwardness, China and Japan may have foreclosed on everything or moved in and conquered us.




As America is introduced to Rick Perry of Texas, we hear claims from this governor who replaced Gov. George W, Bush that are not true.  While a whole lot of jobs were created in Texas, Rick Perry cannot lay claim to them.  Anderson Cooper of CNN explains:

“Cooper also noted some of the help the state received for its relative economic boom: $6.4 billion in federal stimulus money, which did not get rid of a serious budget shortfall in 2009. Cooper brought in Republican strategist Alex Castellanos and Democratic strategist Donna Brazile to parse these numbers, and Castellanos did argued that much of the federal money was taken from the states initially and so Perry had an argument that he was merely asking for money back that was taken from him.” Alex, if we allowed the states to reclaim their tax money, what would be point of taxes?  GOP governors took money under false pretenses.  They praised President for stimulus money with one of their tongues and decried the President with the other.  Rick Perry’s is revealing his strange ideas about governance and the American people find them abhorrent.

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