Rick Perry Attacks the President at a Time He Speaks to UN

Well, Maybe That's a Little Strong 🙂

Well, Rick Perry is showing how unprepared he is for American foreign policy. And, he attacked President Obama just as he was to speak at the UN General Assembly with a speech reiterating our fidelity, commitment and love for the State of Israel. Gov. Perry accused the President of appeasing the Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East instead of championing Israel. No one does this to the head of our country. Time and time again, white politicians show disrespect for our President because he is black and they think him naive. This is a knee jerk reaction to Obama’s intelligence and command of the English language, government and politics. Yes, he is young and is not as gray-haired as they. But, he is The President of the United States! Whatever one thinks, there is a time and a place for everything.  You don’t involve our domestic election into the serious stew of international relations.  Shame on you, Rick!




I think that the American people are so frustrated after 8 years of republican President, George W. Bush, that some are impatient with the battle of Obama vs The US Congress, as it were.  They feel change should be like applying heat to popping corn. The election of Barack Obama with its  message of hope and change made some Americans feel like Obama would lead us to a ‘promised land’ where he would walk on water.  Changing Washington, DC is more difficult than the President had imagined.  I remember from studying sociology that the main imperative of a social institution is to preserve itself.  And, those old codgers in The Congress are holding on to the old ways of governance as if their lives depend upon it. And, it does.  Change is scary.  Witness the Tea Party! They must be stopped before we spiral downward into third world nation status.

We need a new government: America, Version 21st Century.  The “greatest generation” fought WWII and came home determined to give their children a future that was better than theirs.  Somewhere along the way our values shifted and the accumulation of wealth became the prime directive, even if it meant stepping on fellow Americans in the process…and keeping them down. The US Census just announced that 46 million Americans live in poverty! (That’s 1 in 6.) In the recent CNN-Tea Party Express Debate the Tea Party came out decked in their finery.  There were cheers and boos as various issues were debated(?) When Ron Paul was asked what should become a person in a coma with no healthcare insurance: Let him die?  The Tea Party whooped and hollered their indictment that “those without the ‘personal responsibility’ to get healthcare insurance” should be left to die!!!  The only alternative given by Rep. Paul was charity from churches. [At least they have not removed God from the equation.] Few members in the audience felt morally responsible to help his neighbor as Christ directed. I’ve noticed atheism creeping more and more into polite society.  Church attendance is down.  I remember the days of the Civil Rights Movement when we knew that God had sent us our spiritual leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, who fought for equality of the races and social justice.  Who will be a modern day MLK and organize a new March on Washington to energize all Americans to demand changes in The Congress.  Of course, you have heard that Congress’ popularity poll is at 13%.  Even so, Congress will not change unless forced to.  If we filled the Mall and Capitol steps with millions of angry citizens with our demands on placards, we would force our representatives and senators to work for us and not the lobbyists and their big campaign donors.  WILL THE NEXT CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER PLEASE STEP FORWARD?



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