Well, Maybe That's a Little Strong 🙂

Well, Rick Perry is showing how unprepared he is for American foreign policy. And, he attacked President Obama just as he was to speak at the UN General Assembly with a speech reiterating our fidelity, commitment and love for the State of Israel. Gov. Perry accused the President of appeasing the Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East instead of championing Israel. No one does this to the head of our country. Time and time again, white politicians show disrespect for our President because he is black and they think him naive. This is a knee jerk reaction to Obama’s intelligence and command of the English language, government and politics. Yes, he is young and is not as gray-haired as they. But, he is The President of the United States! Whatever one thinks, there is a time and a place for everything.  You don’t involve our domestic election into the serious stew of international relations.  Shame on you, Rick!