Well, we seniors are counting the days as we try to survive until October 3 when are next benefit from Social Security is promised.  Congress wants to take a break after having a long vacation in August. [Really? Do they work that hard? I mean, really!]  This morning I got this missive from Politico:

POLITICO Breaking News

The House has passed a temporary funding resolution that would keep the government operating past Sept. 30, but the proposal has been declared dead on arrival by Senate Democrats due to new cuts added by the Republican House majority. The House resolution passed 219-203 on a mostly party line vote. For more information…
Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)

Dead on arrival? Here we go again. And, why are they funding the government for a month and a half? NO MORE CONTINUING RESOLUTIONS. WE DESERVE A BUDGET!  And we need our Congress to stay in session until they pass legislation preventing a government shutdown on September 30, 2011! Democrats want to advance this nation while the Republicans pictured above just want to win an election at any cost. They deliberately pass bills they know cannot become law.  They are making fools of us all!  LET CONGRESS KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!



Yesterday, on his Pass This Jobs Bill Tour, President Obama re-committed his vow to be “a warrior for the middle-class!” Let’s all commit to be his foot soldiers!