Gov. Christie say, “I am not prepared” to be President.”

GOVERNOR CHRISTIE SAYS THAT HE IS NOT PREPARED TO RUN OR BE PRESIDENT AT THIS TIME. “On August 25, 2010, it was announced that New Jersey had lost out on $400 million in federal Race to the Top education grants due to a clerical error in the application by an unidentified mid-level state official. In response to the decision, Christie criticized the Obama administration for the decision on the grounds that it was an example of bureaucracy gone wrong and that the administration failed to communicate with the New Jersey government.[47] However, information later came to light that the issue was raised with Christie’s Education Commissioner Bret Schundler, and in response Governor Christie asked for Schundler’s resignation. Schundler initially agreed to resign, but the following morning asked to be fired instead, citing his need to claim unemployment benefits. Schundler maintains that he told Christie the truth, and that Christie is misstating what actually occurred.[48] The New Jersey Education Association rebuked Christie by suggesting that his rejection of a compromise worked out by Schundler with the teachers’ union on May 27 was to blame.’ [WIKIPEDIA]