It’s NOT the Michael Jackson Trial!

Michael Joseph Jackson, 1958-2009, A Legend

09/28/11  I am in my second day of the Conrad Murray trial and I am amazed. I have had  sympathy for Michael since he was a young boy.  He was abused as a child and so was I. He could not be himself as a child and had an unhappy childhood…like me.  His struggle with vitiligo must have been very difficult.  To be brown-skinned and having to slowly watch the pigment leave his skin and to endure the pain.  To begin looking white…or rather mottled.  The testimony  about what happened on June 25, 2009 is shocking.  If what I heard is true, Dr. Murray is guilty of not providing Michael the “accepted standard of care.” It is inconceivable that Dr. Murray did not know he was treating someone with addiction. Apparently, he looked the other way for $150,000 a month. His immediate actions at the time of Michael’s death is appalling. Apparently, Dr. Murray, a cardiologist, did not know CPR. As Michel died his children were nearby in tears.  I hope they were not scarred. Those outside of the courthouse who support Dr. Murray’s version of the truth are deluded or mis-guided.

I don’t know if Michael was a Christian or a Muslim. I pray for the salvation of his soul.  Rest in peace, Michael Joseph Jackson! Though departed you still bring us joy!



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