Bloomberg-Washington Post-Republican Debate

10/11/11 I am watching the Republican debate. Charlie Rose asked the candidates to be specific.  The questions being asked are great and should elicit good answers.  However, all we are getting is talk. Newt Gingrich said the activists at Occupy Wall Street are the ones who are littering.  He got applause when he came down hard on the Federal ReserveI see that tomorrow America will not be changed by this debate.

Michele Bachmann made a shocking statement:  “President Obama plans for Medicare to collapse so that everyone will have to go to Obamacare.”  She continues her tone when talking about Obama like he has personally wronged her and she wants revenge. Like a jilted woman!

Herman Cain was asked about his “9-9-9 Plan” which he says the American people want. 🙂  Cain was asked who he got political advice from.  He would only mention one: Mitch Lowry.

Mitt Romney said we should not have bailed out the car industry. He said, “You don’t want to bail out anyone”…but we must not allow our systems to fail.  Isn’t that talking out of both sides of his mouth?

Ron Paul said the federal government should get out of housing.  He went on to say the usual things about Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac.  Of course he championed getting rid of the Fed.

Newt said our problems would be helped by Congress’ insisting that the Fed release all of its papers from 2008 forward.  A few of the candidates feel that the answer to our problems is rolling back all of President Obama’s accomplishments.

One thing was said that I agree with:  We need a robust business climate that is ‘business-friendly.’  However, I don’t think we should throw out all of our regulations for work safety, etc….and abolish the EPA. Everyday I hear in the news that businessmen want to be assured that the business climate has some permanancy and not measured in months but years.  [We have not had a federal budget in 2 years.]

A video was shown of Ronald Reagan supporting tax increases on the rich that make them pay their fair share.  Rick Perry talked about cutting spending and NOT raising taxes.  Charlie Rose pressed the issue of cuts and revenue increases.  Mitt spoke against raising taxes.  He said we need to get the economy going with jobs.  He did not say how we would get these jobs on the night Republicans killed the Obama American Jobs Act.

Newt gave a mini lecture on the Debt Ceiling and how Washington works.

Bachmann chimed in with her campaign rhetoric.  She speaks with a monotone and fervor that turns me off.  She repeated her line about her having been “the long voice in DC, etc.”

Cain said that Bloomberg’s analysis of his “9-9-9 Plan” was wrong.  He went on talking but was stopped by the realization that with his plan we would be paying 9% for milk and beer. Bachmann keeps telling us about her being a tax lawyer.  She never mentions that her experience was with working for the IRS.

The China currency was discussed. No one wants a trade war was agreed to.  Huntsman said we need to work with all levels of China’s government to help the problems.  A few of the candidates spoke about trade imbalance and the low chinese currency.  Romney said that the day he becomes President he would officially label China a “currency manipulator.”  Santorum said he doesn’t want to go to war with China. He brought up a code word: “Pelosi” just for effect. Then he said he wants to repeal Obamacare.  Cain keeps saying his “bold 9-9-9 Plan” is the answer but I am not convinced.  Repeal Obamacare was a consensus.

Charlie Rose is doing his best to enforce time limits and to press for specific answers. Cain was specific and Newt had no economic plan, if memory serves.

Bachmann was first to go in the candidate asking questions of a fellow candidate. She attacked Rick Perry for having supporting Al Gore. Rick Perry took credit for Texas’ economic success. I recall reading that a Texas governor does not have much power.  Cain asked Romney to name his 159 pages of plans for the economy. Mitt went to talk generally about 7 items he claimed are in his eonomic plan.

Newt continued this Republican strategy to blame Democrats for class warfare when it is Republicans who are waging a war between the “haves and the have-nots.” Giving the rich lower taxes than a plumber is class warfare! REPUBLICANS MUST GIVE THIS UNFAIR POSITION!  Romney ignored his job-killing past and said that he is a “job creator.”

Ron Paul turn to Herman Cain and asked questions about his stance on the Federal Reserve.  This brought some heat into conversation as Cain responded saying that he had been mis-represented.  His continued mentioning “9-9-9” which brought laughter and applause.

Rick Perry called Mitt Romney out on Romneycare and Obamacare.  MItt said that as President he would issue waivers for each state exempting them from Obamacare.

Romney got to question Bachmann about her job plans.  Bachmann mentioned those 28 kids again. My-O-My!  She did not say how she would create jobs but attacked Obama…again.  This is her answer to everything: Blame Obama.She never described what a Bachmann presidency would be like.

Santorum called Herman Cain naive.  Cain rejoined with a cool head.

Perry was asked to compare his ideas about healthcare with those of Romney.  He launched into praise of Texas. He did not make the comparisons.  He said he want block grants for the states when it comes to healthcare.

Herman Cain said that Alan Greenspan would be his model for selecting a new Fed Chairman.  He said he doesn’t believe in ending the Fed but fixing it.  He said he has two confidential candidates for that job. Ron Paul followed saying Greenspan was awful in the job and championed Paul Volker.  Although it was not discussed, Ron Paul brought up the Gold Standard.

Romney made a plea for lifting regulations on small banks.  This was about replealing Dodd-Frank.  Bachmann said she’d get rid of political gifts to campaign donors.  Ron Paul said that Republicans have done a lot of damage.

One question made Perry defend his funding projects like Solyndra and he tried to explain the difference between Texas and the current administration.

One thing for sure, Republicans are right about reforming how we do business. We need to make CEOs comfortable with expanding their businesses.

Rick Perry blamed President Obama for all of us who live in poverty.  Santorum mentioned the breakdown of the American family. He showed passion at times.

The candidates were asked to tell us what about them they want to use to connect with us.  Bachmann and Cain said they wanted to love us, yet they do not love homosexuals.  Newt said his being an army brat makes him feel our pain.  Ron Paul wants to restore lliberty.  Santorum did not talk about himself.  Huntsman, who had a great night, spoke of the dignity of a job.  Perry talked about rising from dirt farmer to CEO. He gave us the platitude, “Make America America Again.”  Romney followed in the same vein.


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