“Number 9, Number 9, Number 9” (“FAB 4”)

Herman Cain is a successful black businessman whose father taught him “the road to success is paved with hard work.’  However, Herman is wrong in thinking that blacks are jealous of his success and that we are “brainwashed.”  We want what all of the 99% want: Economic equity!  We are not lacking in our number of people who work hard.  But, life is not that simple: Hard work equals success, period? No!  Mr. Cain, you would not be where you are without opportunity, connections, etc….and the David and Charles Koch!  Yesterday I watched you on “Meet the Press.” (NBC) You are a good man, but, you have yet to discuss your “9-9-9 Plan” in terms that you clearly understand and can articulate.  Republicans are making jokes about you and saying, “Herman is making it up as he goes along.”

At this stage in your campaign, your “9-9-9 Plan” should be fully rolled out and under scrutiny by our finest economists. Instead you employ secrets and hidden truths.  You say your plan’s sales tax would only affect those who purchase new goods.  You wouldn’t know this, Mr. Success, but, even if you shop at the Dollar Store, poor people buy new goods as well as your friends at the top of society.  Regardless of one’s pocketbook, we all buy and consume NEW FOOD AND NEW MEDICINE, ETC. [Yes, the rich buy used clothing. They just call it vintage.]  Your “9-9-9 Plan” would be federal and would be in addition to levies by states and municipalities.  Who can afford to pay 17% on almost everything we buy?

Mr. Cain, you say that the American people like your “9-9-9 Plan.”  Tell us, from where do you get your stats?  Also, we would like to know how extensive is your background with The Koch Brothers.  How much cash have they funneled into your campaigns over the years?  How closely do you share their concepts of and goals for America?  Are you a part of their rollback of desegregation of the races?  How free of Koch tentacles would a Cain President be?  A little transparency, please.

In closing, Mr. Cain, we are not stupid.  We can follow from sentence to sentence.  We realize what you are doing when you do not answer specific questions with specific answers.  I only get to see you on TV. Perhaps there is a different Herman Cain on the stump(?)  Sir, enjoy your fifteen minutes.



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