10,000 Contractors Will Remain in Iraq after Military Leaves

Jobs in Iraq

By , About.com Guide

“Despite the danger, there is a lot of interest in Iraq job opportunities. Billions of dollars have been allocated to construction and reconstruction projects throughout Iraq. Salaries are high and the lure of making more money that one could sometimes make in years at home is hard to resist.

Some jobs in Iraq start at about $80,000 a year. Others pay more. In most cases, housing and meals are provided. If you work overseas long enough (over 330 days) that income is excluded from United States taxes. Review the IRS guidelines for the details.

Iraq job postings are available online and, in many cases, job seekers can apply online for Iraq employment.

Keep in mind though, these opportunities are very competitive. Halliburton, for example, has a backlog of applicants interested in Iraq employment. In addition, there are entry and visa restrictions for travel to Iraq and extensive experience and security clearances are required for some positions. So, even though there are jobs listed, the process isn’t going to be simple.”