Kadhafi Is Dead. The End. Now a Beginning for a New Libya!

I just don’t understand it.  The US, the UN et als want to know how Kadhafi died.  Everyone knows he met a violent end.  What difference does it make?  He was a monster dictator who paid the price for being a despot.  Is this just per forma? Well, picture is worth a thousand words. WARNING, here is the graphic end of Col. Muammar Kadhafi:

Whatever form the new government in Libya takes, I hope they will always remember that their zeal for democracy led to the ouster of Col. Kadhafi and encouraged the world to help them.  I hope they will show us more gratitude than did Iraq and Afghanistan.  After the war Iraq did not favor us with oil contracts and President Karzai in Afghanistan has divided loyalties yet calls itself our partner. Karzai said that if war broke out between the US and Pakistan, he would side with Pakistan.  He continues to insult us and the President keeps our troops there even though the polls tell him that the American people want their boys and girls home! I can’t wait for all of our troops in these two countries are home again.  We cannot continue to borrow money from China to pay for these unpopular wars started by Former President George Bush (R-TX).

Lindsey Graham and John McCain Designated as “Villains who protect the top 1%” by Ed Schultz, Host of “The Ed Show” on MSNBC

I say to Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham that we cannot control countries no matter how much we fought, died and paid for their independence.  After the war we made them sovereign countries. We would have to occupy Iraq to force them to NOT do business with Iran.  We still have significant forces in the region that would protect Iraq…if they request it. Republicans gave us these wars (namely George W. Bush) and it is up to a Democratic President top mop up and conclude them. God bless President Barack Obama.

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