Progressives clash with Boehner over the 99%!



Those that control the Republican party sent out young Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to decry the good efforts of the President who is trying to do his job as a President of all the people.  Ryan accuses Obama of “sewing the seeds of discontent.”  Mr. Ryan is too late to be making these false charges. DISCONTENT IS HERE…AND GROWING! Just yesterday a poll was released that said that 95% of black people in this country are solidly behind the President.  The white independents who propelled Barack Obama into office have not lost their belief that Barack Obama has it it him to bring about sweeping changes to the stagnant culture of Washington, DC, which cannot smell the stink of its own putrefaction. The powers-that-be doggedly push Republicans to

The Koch Bros.

extract as much wealth as they can from the masses.  They give big campaign bucks to Republican legislators and wannabees. IT’S PROTECTION MONEY! [“No new taxes, ever!”]  And, why? For the relatively small salary of a legislator…or some dark promises? And, what happens when they have all the power, money and resources, including cheap labor?  There will be no country left to govern and exercise power over. America will be more than ripe for conquerors! [They don’t realize that human nature will impel our conquerors to come after the rich, also. They won’t be able to recall Elton John‘s “I’ve Seen that Movie, too”.]  When they smell the gun powder at their doors, it will be too late!

President Obama is the self-declared “Warrior for the Middle-Class!”  His battle cry is “We Can’t Wait on the Congress!” Our Founding Fathers gave President Obama more powers than we know. He has been hesitant to use the full breath of EXECUTIVE POWER. But, he is tired of the intransigence of the GOP and their ludicrous decision to do no serious business in The Congress until they have a Republican in the Whitehouse. What will they do in January when we inaugurate  President Obama for his second term and the 113th Congress begins a more than promising session with Democrats at the helm of the Senate and the House.Then we will begin to realize fully the changes espoused by Barack Obama in the 2008 campaign: HOPE FOR CHANGE IN THE WASHINGTON SYSTEM.  Immediately, we will see the fruits of our continued belief in “Yes We Can.” “Change We Can Believe In.” We will be able to still our voices from crying “We Can’t Wait on the Congress” to do the people’s business and not those of lobbyists,the Koch Brothers, Americans for Prosperity, et als. Satanic forces have given us that ludicrous verdict in Citizens United. The Supremes thought “Money is speech” was to apply to the vast Republican money amassed over the last three decades by the TOP 1% OF THE POPULATION who feebly say that we are jealous of their success and who refuse to pay their fair share in the American cultural experience. Life is more than living in Trump Tower and shopping at Tiffanys. THE 99% STILL HAVE POWER: THE VOTE: MAJORITY AND PLURALITY!

It is inconceivable that more of the country’s tax burden be foisted upon the middle-class and the poor and unfortunate. Yet, there is Paul Ryan on TV with his attractive persona mouthing the evil whispered into his ear by the secret government who believe in two Americas: One for the TOP 1% (and their familiars) and another for the 99% who are the down-trodden masses of hard-working, everyday Americans who do the physical work of making the cogs of the American infrastructure work smoothly. NO, PAUL RYAN, the American people are not jealous of your masters, but, instead, WE DEMAND ECONOMIC EQUALITY!  AN AMERICA FOR ALL THE PEOPLE. AN ACHIEVABLE “AMERICAN DREAM” FOR EVERYONE REGARDLESS OF CLASS. Paul Ryan has been schooled in a dark ideology that has forgotten that from the beginning we were formed a Christian nation which banned a government by established religion, but with liberty and justice for all. Our Fore Fathers’ vision of America was not one one of an oligarchy ruled by princes without royal trappings.  They were gentlemen farmers who wanted a humble existence for themselves and a future for their new country pregnant with real opportunity for all, with no thought of jealousy of those of us who reach success first.

Paul Ryan, when you appear on TV, your good looks are not enough to distract us from your message which protects the TOP 1% and widens the gulf between the haves and the have-nots.  The gulf is so wide now that increasingly American dissidents are coming out of the closet to protest against the global economic system controlled by your masters.  They grow bolder each day no matter how often “the man” attacks them with billy clubs and tear gas.  Those noxious fumes only inflame our passion to follow Barack Obama to achieve all of the changes he excited us with during the campaign.  THE PRESIDENT IS UP AND MOVING….INSPIRING ….LEADING US TO VICTORY IN 2012. Obama will establish a new culture in Washington, DC peopled by legislators and power brokers who are not at war with the people.  Barack Obama will change this nation for the good he champions.  Only Christ could do more!

SEE BARACK RUN!… using his power to create jobs and lessen the burden of a do-nothing-Congress. People, we must continue to have HOPE for real change in our political and economic systems. It will be the realization of our Fore Fathers’ eternal vision for America. [I guess they saw no wisdom in giving us a Constitutional vehicle to recall those elected to The Congress who become deaf to the people and who follow personal and party agenda.] Be strong, my American brothers. Social change is slow. I know it is hard to endure daily with diminishing resources. Keep your faith in God. Go to church and worship. God is not dead but alive and inspiring good people among us to continue the fight for the changes that will save us from the insular thinking that eluded the last Caesar, when Rome was falling all around him. May God keep safe those who dare to change the system. God bless the American people with the golden promise for which thousands of the 99% shed their blood and died.



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I remember when Governor Walker surfaced so prominently in the news? I was moved to purchase the rights to this expensive cartoon for you. [Hint…Hint….please donate to support this blog…upper right of blog.] Well, the people are still mad as hell and intend to recall their governor from office:

Effort to recall Wis. Gov. Walker to start Nov. 15

October 10, 2011|Scott Bauer, Associated Press

An effort to recall Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker over his contentious union rights law will begin Nov. 15, Democrats announced Monday, meaning an election could be held as early as next spring.

Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate said on the party’s website that recall petitions will be circulated starting Nov. 15, giving supporters of the effort until Jan. 13 to collect 540,208 signatures.

Walker has become a national hero to many Republicans and conservatives and is a hot ticket on the fundraising and speaking circuit. But he is the top target for unions and Democrats as he became the face of the anti-union movement this year with his proposal that took away nearly all collective bargaining rights from most public workers.

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