As I sit down to write this, we’ve received hundreds of emails from folks across America asking: “What’s next? What can I do to help?” Before we can answer these questions, I want to give everyone a brief but concise update what is happening in regard to our efforts to pass a constitutional amendment to Get Money Out of our politics.

Dylan, myself, and many others are referring to this period as a sort of “calm before the storm.”  We have been meeting with countless people: in person, by phone, by email, even by Skype.  Since I wrote you a week ago, we’ve dedicated our time to learn about and listen too, interesting, and often similar “movements” happening across America.

We are cooperating and learning able smart folks like John Bonifaz, Cenk Uygur, Lawrence Lessig, many diverse others from Texas to Hollywood, from finance to education.   While we all may not completely agree with some ideas and mechanics in the process, we are all striving to achieve a shared mutual objective: to get money out of politics.

We will continue to post on many of the other amendments and the intentions of these shared legislative proposals.  Dylan has assured me he will continue each week to host different guests on his show that with those that want to achieve the same goal.

What can we do right now?

Keep telling people you know about the collective goal we are trying to achieve, tell them that millions of other Americans are doing the same thing and what we are doing.  Remind people.  Tell your parents.  Tell your parents’ parents. Tell your officemate or your next door neighbor.  We are over 230,000 people strong on a petition, but we are millions in America who agree to these principles. It’s definitely the calm before the storm.  And I’m awed and excited  about this storm.

Send me your ideas and suggestions: (and yes, I read your emails).


Jimmy Williams