Day: November 8, 2011

Herman Cain at His Press Conference

Herman Cain hired a Georgia lawyer to begin his conference.  The lawyer thumped his chest with his personal resume and the began to discredit Miss Bialek mispronouncing her name.  When he began his part, Herman tried to wrap himself in the flag and his campaign to distract from the specific claim of sexual harassment. Mr. Cain thinks that this is about his campaign and not about his alleged actions.  He appeals to common sense as his evidence. Cain wants us to think the he is the victim.  He quoted statements from his wife who is still missing from the campaign. It is inconceivable that Mr. Cain thinks that when one runs for national office, his family is not part of the process.  That is why candidates make the decision to run a family decision.

Candidate Cain said that he did not act inappropriately. He referred to one of his accusers as “the one.” Women are not objects!  He did not see that it is ludicrous to claim that complaints against him are “baseless” even though they were settled with an agreement and large sums of money. How can he remain blameless? How can he think that we can ignore the growing number of women who have stories to tell? Mr. Cain said the American people were on his side but give no factual basis for that claim.  He said that he racked his brain trying to remember Miss Bialek but could not. [A video might surface to refute his claim.]  Cain admitted that his memory might improve later. When given the opportunity to tell exactly what led to charges against him, Cain repeated his innocuous story of comparing a co-worker and underling to his wife in height with an innocent gesture.  Herman Cain said nothing to clear up the matter and allow us to move on. He did say that he would take a lie detector test in these matters but then sort of took it back. He would have to “have a good reason to do so.”  He is still losing in the court of public opinion!  This press conference was a waste of time. I HOPE THAT ALL WOMEN WHO HAVE CLAIMS AGAINST THIS CANDIDATE COME FORTH.  From the careful parsing of his past actions with women, I fear that more complaints against Cain  are in the offing.

THIS HE-SAID-SHE-SAID SAGA WILL CONTINUE. Another woman enters the story tonight and tomorrow. She is known by name and will come before the public.


Herman Cain keeps making a distinction between the words “agreement” and “settlement.”  I turn to Websters:

Definition of SETTLEMENT

1: the act or process of settling
2a : an act of bestowing or giving possession under legal sanction b : the sum, estate, or income secured to one by such a settlement

Definition of AGREEMENT

1a : the act or fact of agreeing b : harmony of opinion, action, or character : concord
2a : an arrangement as to a course of action b : compact, treaty
3a : a contract duly executed and legally binding b : the language or instrument embodying such a contract


4th Cain Accuser Comes Forward


Tea Party, Must We Pull the Trigger? It Surely Will Happen!

The Tea Party was so stubborn in its allegiance to ideology that it brought The United States of America to the brink of default [according to Standard & Poor’s] and was the major cause of a download by one credit rating agency of “the full faith and credit of The United States.” Read this excerpt from The Economist:

This is crucial. Sovereigns aren’t like companies. They can’t go bankrupt, and creditors can’t seize their assets. Their creditworthiness depends as much on their willingness as their ability to pay. As  Felix Salmon presciently noted before the announcement was made, it’s not our ability to pay that’s in doubt:

“America’s ability to pay is neither here nor there: the problem is its willingness to pay. And there’s a serious constituency of powerful people in Congress who are perfectly willing and even eager to drive the US into default. The Tea Party is fully cognizant that it has been given a bazooka, and it’s just itching to pull the trigger. There’s no good reason to believe that won’t happen at some point.”

Tea Party, read the Deal that The Congress and The President finally agreed to.  It includes a trigger that will force cuts and revenue raises, etc., that is if you pull your sh*t again! [I think the “S” word is appropriate here.]  DON’T FORCE US TO GO THROUGH UGLY GOVERNANCE EVER AGAIN. Many of you were in state government or are students of civics.  You know that to get something done in a legislative body, you have to use the currency of compromise…and deals!  How long is your term of service? Do you really want to be a one term legislator?!/GoodOleWoody/status/104133706154909696

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Republicans Try to Escape Blame for S&P Downgrade (image)

“Smoking Joe” Frazier Dies of Liver Cancer at 67

Joseph William “Joe” Frazier (January 12, 1944 – November 7, 2011[1]), also known as Smokin’ Joe, was a former Olympic and Undisputed World Heavyweight boxing champion, whose professional career lasted from 1965 to 1976, with a brief comeback in 1981.

Frazier emerged as the top contender in the late 1960s, defeating the likes of Jerry Quarry, Oscar Bonavena, Buster Mathis, Eddie Machen, Doug Jones, George Chuvalo and Jimmy Ellis en route to becoming undisputed heavyweight champion in 1970, and followed up by defeating Muhammad Ali on points in the highly-anticipated “Fight of the Century” in 1971. Two years later Frazier lost his title when he was knocked out by George Foreman. He fought on, beating Joe Bugner, losing a rematch to Ali, and beating Quarry and Ellis again.

Frazier’s last world title challenge came in 1975, but he was beaten by Ali in their brutal rubbermatch. He retired in 1976 following a second loss to Foreman. He made a comeback in 1981, fighting just once, before retiring for good. The International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO) rates Frazier among the ten greatest heavyweights of all time.[2] He is an inductee of both the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the World Boxing Hall of Fame. [Quote: Wikipedia]


“Smoking Joe” Frazier Highlights

Baptist Minister Huckabee Engages in Dirty Politics in Ohio – Vote “No” on Issue 2



Herman Cain denies Sharon Bialek sex allegations on Jimmy Kimmel – Part 1


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