I Recommend “Marat/Sade” to the Occupy Movement

Jean-Paul Marat in His Tub (skin disease)

The “occupy” movements are an exciting development: Grassroots beginnings of social change. It reminds of the British film “Marat/Sade” which I recommend highly. I am reminded of this ‘music/drama play on the screen’ when I enjoy Judy Collins sing the song “Marat/Sade.” Marat is Jean-Paul Marat from the French revolution. Here are the lyrics to the song. Below Judy Collins sings it.

While the French Revolution was violent, I do hope that the “occupy” demonstrations will be peaceful as Jesse Jackson recommends. Of course there will be some violence. History teaches us that. But, we won’t “String up all the aristocrats.” Once the movement has the full attention of the nation, we can talk of instituting necessary reforms.  Leaders will emerge to guide us.


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