Rachel Maddow Show on Cain

“Don’t you feel like the entire country is run by 8 and a half-year-old boys? It’s just an amazing — you know, that here we are in 2011 and we’re having a conversation that we thought we put behind us decades ago. I think the most striking thing is if you think about the architecture of sexual harassment law in this country, it used to be the case that it was impossible for a woman to come forward and say, I am the subordinate, someone powerful and important harassed me. It would ruin her life. It is amazing that we’ve put into place an entire legal system that encourages her to come forward, that protects her from being called a hooker and a gold digger for coming forward, and yet still she’s a hooker and a gold digger despite this legal architecture.” -Dahlia Lithwick, Slate magazine legal editor, on sexual harrassment law in the 21st century and the allegations against GOP candidate Herman Cain

Watch video of coverage on the Rachel Maddow Show.

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