Slipping in the polls, Herman Cain brings out his wife, Gloria

When he was riding high in the polls, Herman Cain was asked why his wife was not on the stump with him.  Mr. Cain explained that she stayed behind to keep the home as his refuge. Now we learn from this video that Gloria Cain is a registered Democrat. This is the real reason why his wife is not campaigning for him. Herman was not honest with the public. How can we believe that he is telling the truth about the FOUR WOMEN who accuse him of sexual harassment? Cain tried to exact a price from Sharon Bialek for her accusations.  Her lawyer, Gloria Allred said she had affidavits backing up Miss Bialek’s claims.  Now Sharon’s boyfriend (at the time) comes forth and confirms his being told of the horrible incident at the time, though not all the details.

In the video below Mrs. Gloria Cain says only that she “thinks” Herman would make a good President. That’s no ringing endorsement!  I see why she was kept in the wings.

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