Day: November 16, 2011

Congress Didn’t Score High Enough in High School to Take Botany…I Guess

Congress is busy writing law for the USDA wherein they determine what a vegetable is. Websters defines “vegetable” as:

Definition of VEGETABLE

2: a usually herbaceous plant (as the cabbage, bean, or potato) grown for an edible part that is usually eaten as part of a meal; also : such an edible part
Congress in its infinite wisdom is deciding that the USDA should call this food item a vegetable:

Newt “Pinnochio” Gingrich…for President? Not!!/GoodOleWoody/status/136887680565907456

Paraphrasing Lady Macbeth, ‘Who will rid us of these candidates with feet of clay?’

Mitt Flips!

Mitt Romney recently described the President’s plan to pass the American Jobs Act and extend the payroll tax cut — a measure that would save working families an average of $1,500 a year — as “temporary little band-aids.”

But after his earlier remarks were widely criticized, he said the exact opposite at last week’s GOP presidential debate in Michigan.

While the media frenzy surrounding the debate focused on a gaffe from one of our other opponents, the most amazing moment from my perspective was Mitt reversing course on an issue that anyone running for president should have a clear position on: Extend a tax cut worth $1,500 a year to working families. Or ask the middle-class to pay more so millionaires and billionaires don’t have to.

In Mitt’s world, maybe $1,500 isn’t a lot of money. But it’s worth an awful lot to millions of families’ budgets. And if he’s unable to take a stand on something so critical to the middle class, how can we know how he’d react when confronting a crisis from the White House?

This kind of behavior is part of a disturbing pattern where Romney says one thing and then the exact opposite, sometimes within the span of a few paragraphs, and hopes no one calls him on it. So we’re putting together a list of people who will be the cops on the beat whenever Mitt wants to have it both ways, and help make sure all Americans know exactly how he operates.

Watch a video of Mitt’s latest flip-flop — then, join the team that will hold him accountable.

On Wednesday night, one of the moderators asked Mitt about his little problem. His response:

“I think people understand I’m a man of steadiness and constancy.”

Saying it doesn’t make it so.

On reproductive rights, climate change, immigration, taxes, foreign policy, gay rights, gun control, and labor issues, Romney has reversed his positions — often dramatically — leaving his supporters and opponents alike feeling some combination of angry, confused, and betrayed.

If he keeps up this pace, it’s going to take all of us to keep track of Mitt’s flip-flopping.

Watch the video — and sign up to be on the team that holds him accountable from now until however long he stays in this race. It seems he’s at least committed to that.



Patrick Gaspard
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

“Newt Gingrich Spent $1 Million on Jewellery to ‘Buy Off’ his…Wife”

New book claims Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich ‘bought off’ his wife with jewellery worth $1million to stay in the race.

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 4:39 PM on 12th November 2011

Newt Gingrich spent $1 million on jewellery to ‘buy off’ his reluctant wife and stop her objecting to his running for president, a new book claims.

The e-book on the 2012 election says the Republican candidate took his wife Callista on an ill-timed luxury cruise to Greece and showered her with gifts from Tiffany’s in efforts to get her onside.

The claims come after revelations in May that Gingrich’s once owed the Tiffany’s jewellery store as much as $500,000.

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Newt Gringrich Was Fined $300,000 as Punishment

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House Approves Reprimand, $300,000 Fine for Gingrich

By John E. Yang
The Washington Post

The House on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly to reprimand House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and order him to pay an unprecedented $300,000 penalty, the first time in the House’s 208-year history it has disciplined a speaker for ethical wrongdoing.

The ethics case and its resolution leaves Gingrich with little leeway for future personal controversies, House Republicans said. Exactly one month ago, Gingrich admitted that he had brought discredit to the House and broken its rules by failing to ensure that financing for two projects would not violate federal tax law and by giving the House ethics committee false information.

“Newt has done some things that have embarrassed House Republicans and embarrassed the House,” said Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.). “If (the voters) see more of that, they will question our judgment.” MORE…

NEWT GINGRICH: Three Marriages!

The Marriages of Newt Gingrich

Married to Jackie Battley, Marianne Ginther, Callista Bisek

By , Guides

Currently married to Callista Bisek, Newt Gingrich has been married three times. His two previous marriages ended in divorce after he had affairs with younger women and when his wives were seriously ill. Here is information about Newt Gingrich’s three marriage relationships.

Newt Gingrich Marriage Timeline

1962: Newt married Jackie Battley on June 19, 1962.
1963: Newt’s daughter Kathy was born.
1966: Newt’s daughter Jackie Sue was born.
1980: Newt met Marianne Ginther in January 1980.
1980: Jackie and Newt separated in April 1980.
1981: Jackie Battley and Newt Gingrich’s divorce was finalized in February 1981.
1981: Six months later Newt married Marianne Ginther on August 8, 1981.
1987: Marianne and Newt separated in June 1987.
1993: Newt and Callista Bisek began their affair in November 1993.
1993: Marianne and Newt reconciled in late 1993/early 1994.
1999: Newt and Marianne separated in May 1999 and filed for divorce in July.
1999: Marianne and Newt reached a settlement in their divorce case.
2000: Marianne and Newt’s divorce was finalized in April 2000.
2000: Callista Bisek and Newt announced their engagement.
2000: Newt married Callista Bisek on August 18, 2000.

Maggie Haberman: “Newt Gingrich addressed his multiple nuptials and admitted affairs more head-on than he has to date, telling the Christian Broadcast Network that he sought God‘s ‘forgiveness’ for the things he did wrong and that he now has a ‘great’ marriage.”
Source: Maggie Haberman. “Newt Gingrich: ‘I was doing things that were wrong.'” 3/08/2011.

Newt when asked how he could be unfaithful and give a speech on family values: “It doesn’t matter what I do,” he answered. “People need to hear what I have to say. There’s no one else who can say what I can say. It doesn’t matter what I live.”
Source: John H. Richardson. “Newt Gingrich: The Indispensable Republican.” 8/10/2010.

AP: “In 1994, Gingrich responded to reports he’d had extramarital affairs while running a family-values campaign in 1978 by saying, “In the 1970s, things happened.”
Source: AP. “Wife’s lawyer to question woman in Gingrich divorce case.” Marysville Journal-Tribune. Marysville, Ohio. 8/13/1999. pg. 2.

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EUREKA! Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) unlocks the lifetime pledge to Grover Norquist to never raise taxes while in Congress (or the Presidency). Sen. Toomey picks the lock with simplicity and genius!  I hope that well-meaning Republicans who signed that un-American document will adopt Sen. Toomey’s solution which loosens the chains that bind them and sets them free! THE SUPER COMMITTEE MUST SEIZE UPON THIS REVELATION AND INCORPORATE IT IN THEIR PLANS!!/GoodOleWoody/status/136726938789216256

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