Is an Extreme Right-Wing Conspiracy at Work to Alter the American Dream?

In this video Ed Schultz reveals shocking graphs which depict what the organized right-wing is doing to our country.  We see the deliberate and ever-widening gulf between those in America blessed with great wealth and damned with a voracious appetite for even greater accumulation of wealth and the shocking and steathful decline of the middle-class. We have evidence of the existence of this organization:

  • Republicans all speak with one voice using the same talking points.
  • Republicans vote in Congress and state legislatures as a block.
  • Republicans sign the anti-tax pledge of Grover Norquist‘s Americans for Tax Reform which is part of the conspiracy (IMHO) and is at war with the health of American society.  It is scary to wonder about their ultimate goal.
  • Republicans march in-step with Sen. Mitch McConnell who pledged the party to the destruction of President Obama and to prevent his re-election. Speaker John Boehner and Rep. Eric Cantor lead the US House in lockstep behind McConnell, Minority Leader of the US Senate.
  • Republicans refuse to vote “yes” for the thousands of jobs that the American Jobs Act would create.  They gamble that we, the people, will not punish them in the elections leading up to and including the 2012 Presidential Election. The only thing to dissuade them is for an overwhelming number of Americans take to the streets in protests against The Congress whose disapproval rating is now 83%! We, by nature and culture, are slow to disrupt the peace, but, we need a MARCH ON WASHINGTON to force the US Congress to end decades of gridlock and corruption and get rid of lobbyists and institute the reforms which they only talk about in their campaigns for re-election.
  • Republicans lie to us by blaming regulations in business as the reason why the top 1% is not hiring the 14 million Americans who are unemployed. They must say, ‘If only we were unfettered by bothersome concerns for worker safety and health and requirements of gaining profits ethically…then we would create new jobs to replace those they sent overseas to cheap labor markets.
  • Republicans refuse to repatriate billions of offshore profits that evade being taxed.
  • Republicans mock sincere governing by wanting to define pizza as a “vegetable” in our school lunch programs. 1 in 3 of our school children are obese. I submit that the First Lady should expand her efforts to change the American diet.  Fast food is killing us and our future!
  • Republicans want to censor the INTERNET which will affect thousands of jobs spawned and sustained by social media. Hearings are underway.
  • Republicans want to abolish the Dept. of Education at a time when we lag behind others countries in leading edge technology and the education thereof.
  • Republicans want to abolish the EPA and return us to the unfettered pollution of business beginning with the Industrial Revolution.
  • Republicans want to abolish the Dept. of Energy.  What would become of our nuclear electric plants and our development of nuclear weapons which we need to remain Top Dog in the world.
  • Republican governors acted in concert to cut off the legs of trade unions, abolish collective bargaining and diminish campaign contributions to the Democratic Party.
  • Republicans ignore the will of the people expressed in polls calling for increased taxes on the top 1% of the population. Over 75% of Americans want Congress to enact this tax increase.  Republicans in Congress will not tell us why they take this stand.  It must have something to with signed and witnessed pledges to Americans for Tax Reform after we elect them, send them to Washington and expect them to do our bidding and to put America first.  Their first allegiance is to unelected activist Grover Norquist who threatens campaigns against re-election of signers of his pledge who stray.

What can simple citizens do to combat the organization which works to destroy our way of life? Swear an oath that you will get off the couch and vote in the 2012 Presidential Election for Barack H. Obama and a straight democratic ticket!  Support as many grassroots organizations as you can. They ask for donations as low as $2 – $5 which can be done easily online. No need to write and mail a check! Sign petitions which tell those in The Congress which issues you support and which you do not.  Recently we have seen positive effects of being able to deliver over half a million signatures of potential voters supporting pressing issues of today. If you can’t do a lot, do something. All of our small acts of patriotism add to a wave of protests and advocacy which can force change for good.  As a “card-carrying American,” it is your duty to do this. Don’t let your “card” be confiscated!

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