President Obama Makes a Statement about the Supercommittee

God Bless the US Congress!

Heavenly Father, the 112th Congress has begun a perilous journey in governing the land. Please bless them with insight, wisdom and cautious daring.  Make their term one of success and fruitfulness for the American people.”

Father, I made that prayer at the present, Congress began the year.  Regrettably, You did not bless this our, “Turkey Congress.”  Please, God, bless our legislators with a bang-up end to 2011 with a flurry of legislation beginning with passage of the American Jobs Act and continuing with bills which improve the economy and our social condition.  Is it really your will that the 112th Congress go down in history as our “Worst Congress Ever?”  Think not of their questionable merit and think of us as the one country who works for the most good for all who love democracy.  Give us the laws, the tools, to do our work and to maintain our global benevolent dominance.  Thank you, Lord.