“Two Gifts” for Americans

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

This week, the American people will get one of two holiday “gifts” from their politicians in Washington:

They’ll either get the President’s plan for a $1,500 tax holiday for the average working family, or they’ll get a $1,000 tax hike, courtesy of GOP obstructionism, that’s set to take effect right after the holidays.

Tell Republicans you want President Obama’s tax cut for working families, not the GOP tax hike. Sign our petition today!

The President’s tax cut was supposed to be the centerpiece of his American Jobs Act, but Republicans refused to even bring it up for a debate.

Now the Democratic strategy is to focus on the simplest and most important piece of the American Jobs Act, a $1,500 tax cut targeted directly at working and middle class families who need help the most, which could create over a million new jobs.

The result is a simple choice in a vote expected this week: If Republicans vote “yes” on the President’s tax cut, you pay less. If they vote “no,” you pay more.

Act today to support the President’s payroll tax holiday for working families! Tell Republicans in Congress not to raise your taxes!

Democrats are already on board with the President’s tax cut, which means the only ones who can take away that extra $1,500 from your paychecks are Republicans.

With one simple vote, the American people will finally see which party is really looking out for them, instead of the special interests.

Whichever gift comes our way, that knowledge will be priceless.


Michael Sargeant
Executive Director
The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

THE PEOPLE WANT US SENATE REFORM – Originally Posted 12/09/10

US SENATE FIDDLES WHILE THE COUNTRY BURNS! Well, not actually burns. But, there are flames of indignation from how un-democratic and un-american is the United States Senate!  The man on the street is too tired after his labor to be concerned about how the US Senate does it’s business. He would be shocked to learn that one senator can cowardly block bills in secret from coming to the floor for discussion and a vote. How many americans realize that the US Senate still allows the evil practice (rule) of the filibuster which was famously used by prominent racist Strom Thurmond of South Carolina [where Jim DeMint comes from.] Filibuster?  Well, Mr. Webster defines it thusly: “the use of extreme dilatory tactics in an attempt to delay or prevent action especially in a legislative assembly.” The favorite and most effective tool of republicans in the US Senate is the filibuster which allows 1 senator to stop the business of the Senate…even though the bill had enough votes to pass!  The US House has sent over 300 or 400 bills to the US Senate, only to be blocked by Senator John Boehner who filed them away never to see the light of day. Did you know that? It wasn’t on the six o’clock news.  The american people paid good money to have those bills generated and we deserve to have them discussed and voted on in the US Senate!** Senate rules need reform and only the force of will of the american voter will make them change their archaic and un-american rules. Use the INTERNET and contact your two senators and demand reform to make the US Senate work for us and not be an old boys’ club. Only your personal involvement will lead to change. US Senate:  http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

I remember what my teacher, Miss Ross, taught me in Sociology 101: “The main job of a social institution is to survive!” These gray-haired legislators (for the most part) have fixed the game so that they can survive in their jobs until death. We keep voting for them because their seniority is a promise of earmarks which are money for special projects back in the home district. This kind of bill gets special attention while true and good legislation withers on the vine.

I say this in jest, but, the Capitol Police should attach each US Senator to his desk until Congress’s business is concluded! ‘No Christmas for you!’ There is time and, I hear, the votes, to pass the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Every prominent authority on our treaties has approved passage of the START treaty, but, delay, delay, delay. And, isn’t the Defense Appropriations bill in need of passage?

This saying is now a joke: “The US Senate is the world’s greatest deliberative body.”  It’s the 21st Century. You have to work to be a legend. No golf! No drinking Merlot!  Work! Peoples daily lives are affected by what the Senate does.

God bless the teaparty-elected members of the new Congress to be a force for reform to make both houses of Congress work for the people…and not K-Street. (Lobbyists) Let us pray that this happens before they become the “establishment” and have to fight for their survival.

Can you hear the music above the roar of the fire? The US Senate is still fiddling while our “Rome” burns. Congress, do the right thing and stay in session through the holidays and cram in as many votes as you can. Happy Holidays and God bless America! [Please sign this petition. http://fixthesenatenow.org/page/s/signthepetition/?source=GoogleContent_Filibuster_History_Phrase_Filibuster%20History]

Barney Frank Says Why He Is Retiring (image)

Honorable Historians Don’t Make $1.8 Million as a “Historian” for Freddie Mac

The reality of being a politician and being pure do not go hand-in-hand, historically.  However, we do insist that candidates for President of the United States be men of honor.  With the fall from grace of the latest GOP flavor of the month, Newt Gingrich‘s campaign has been resurrected from the dead and has begun a feeding fest of disgorging the sullied past of Mr. Gingrich.  I am sure you are keeping up with the revelations and are quietly making your judgments.  So far, from what you are learning, does Newt Gingrich meet the definition of “honor” which comes from Websters Dictionary?

Definition of HONOR

1a : good name or public esteem : reputation b : a showing of usually merited respect : recognition <pay honor to our founder>
2: privilege <had the honor of joining the captain for dinner>
3: a person of superior standing —now used especially as a title for a holder of high office <if Your Honor please>
4: one whose worth brings respect or fame : credit <an honor to the profession>
5: the center point of the upper half of an armorial escutcheon
6: an evidence or symbol of distinction: as a : an exalted title or rank b (1) : badge, decoration (2) : a ceremonial rite or observance <buried with full military honors> c : an award in a contest or field of competition d archaic : a gesture of deference : bow e plural (1) : an academic distinction conferred on a superior student (2) : a course of study for superior students supplementing or replacing a regular course
7: chastity, purity <fought fiercely for her honor and her life — Barton Black>
8a : a keen sense of ethical conduct : integrity <a man of honor> b : one’s word given as a guarantee of performance <on my honor, I will be there>
The Republicans will continue their primary process of seeking the non-Mitt candidate. The current surge for Newt Gingrich is an anomaly, the fruit of desperation. It will live its course. Mitt Romney may have his negatives, but, one can manage to respect him.  Can one say that about Newt Gingrich?

Barney Frank, an Icon (image)

Oh, No! Not Another Cain Sex Scandal! Jon Stewart (video)

Where there are a series of fires…


Noted Leader, Rep. Barney Frank to Retire

BARNEY FRANK TO RETIRE – The House Financial Services Committee‘s ranking member announced today that he will retire from Congress after his term ends. The “people who fling spittle at your face while talking” lobby is losing a major ally. For real. “Two factors lead me to this view,” Frank said in a statement. “The newly configured district contains approximately 325,000 new constituents…a significant number of others are in the area along our east-west border with Rhode Island which I have not represented for 20 years…Our politics has evolved in a way that makes it harder to get anything done at the federal level… But I now believe that there is more to be done trying to change things from outside than by working within.” Frank, a civil rights trailblazer and world record-holder for lowest center of gravity (we guess), was the first openly gay Weeble to hold public office in this country. One of our proudest moments came in July when a floor staffer passed Frank his BlackBerry so Frank could read an item in HuffPost Hill about some stupid shit Sean Duffy had said about the CFPB. Frank held on to the device and scrolled through the whole thing, chuckling along with it, a witness told us. [HuffPost]

Don’t worry, assignment editors who will mourn Frank’s departure, mom and dad already got you a replacement: “Wall Street executives already are bracing for the possibility that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) will take over as the senior Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee from Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.). Waters is in line for Frank’s spot and could become chairwoman of the panel if Democrats retake the House. The California liberal is seen as to the left of Frank, the architect of 2010’s Wall Street reform bill, on financial issues…’She’s not a good face of the issues,’ one financial executive said. “She’s too much of a bomb thrower.’…Waters is wrestling with a long-running ethics investigation over whether she helped secure federal funding for a bank in which her husband owned stock and previously served as a board member. Waters has maintained her innocence, and two attorneys on the House ethics committee were placed on leave for mishandling the case. An outside attorney is now investigating the matter.” If/when Democrats retake the House, the fight between her and New York’s Carolyn Maloney will be epic. [The Hill]

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