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Right about now you’re getting your clothes ready for going out tonight.  Got a date?  Hoping to find someone to ring the in the New Year with?  Hope you will have made plans for a DESIGNATED DRIVER to get you home safely this morning. 🙂


“If I Was a Poor Black Kid…”

We witness GOP governors cutting education from their budgets and GOP candidates for president promising to abolish the Department of Education, low test scores in our schools, GOP unwillingness to upgrade our school infrastructure, etc.  Thanks to Sam Seder for this thought-provoking video in which he analyses an article he read in Forbes Magazine: “If I Was a Poor Black Kid…”:

‘If I Were a Poor Black Kid’ column is just plain stupid

By Mychal Denzel Smith

7:56 AM on 12/14/2011


Globally, life was very difficult in 2011.  Our economies were in jeopardy, some of our countries had their credit rating lowered, there has been less money available to help poor people around the globe and many of us have died fighting for the freedoms enjoyed under a democratic form of government. God bless their souls! God bless women around the world who suffer because of their biology and are subjected to discrimination and beatings, forced marriages, marital rape, dealing with no civil rights as a victims of rape and the reality of being property and baby-makers who raise men who continue the cycle of oppression. Lord, grant us mercy!

Well, it 9:35 AM EST and many of you are already celebrating 2012! Party hardy, but, don’t get too drunk.  Who wants to start an auspicious journey as a NEW YEAR with a hangover. 🙂

may already have some junk in his trunk…

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New Year’s Eve with Mama…

Growing up in the South I knew the tradition of blackeyed peas or hoppin’ john and collard greens eaten at 12:01am on New Years Day.  This was for good luck in the new year: peas for coins and collards for greenbacks. 🙂  The history of the blacked peas is quite interesting. Collards are known all over the world. These foods are staples in the southern kitchen and one can find recipes online.

My Mama

As a child I used to go to bed long before midnight. I hated being wakened to eat peas and greens in the middle of the night.  Now I look back and chuckle and remember my dear departed Mama. I hope your family has fond traditions, too. WATCH: TV MINISODE CHRISTMAS: DESIGNING WOMEN – NEW YEAR’S DAZE

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Play “Auld Lang Sine” with player above.


Mitt Romney fully embraces Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan

Mitt Romney - Caricature

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

Posted at 02:59 PM ET, 12/08/2011

Mitt Romney fully embraces Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan

One of the key stories of the day — perhaps the one that will have the greatest long term political impact — has to be that Mitt Romney has now fully embraced Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan.

After previously hedging on the Ryan plan, Romney is now fully declaring his support for it, as a way to wound the surging Newt Gingrich among conservative voters. Newt, you’ll recall, famously referred to the Ryan plan as “right wing social engineering,” and Romney, in a post on his Web site, has revived this Newt quote, and is suggesting he’d sign it into law as president, in order to portray himself as the only true conservative in the race.

“With friends like Newt, who needs the left?” the Romney Web site now blares.

The reason this matters: It will give Dems a weapon in the general election against Romney. “In order to make this attack, Mitt Romney has now given himself ownership of the Ryan plan,” Jed Lewison writes. “Let me say that again: Mitt Romney is now one hundred percent committed to Paul Ryan’s proposal to end Medicare and replace it with vouchers.”

Steve Benen added: “This is the line Democrats have waited eight months for Romney to take.” [WASHINGTON POST: MORE]

“Is Romney making money from layoffs?”

We’ve heard a lot about the scandals and skeletons in the GOP candidates’ closets. No one’s telling us the whole truth, especially Willard Mitt Romney on his involvement with Bain Capital which I am sure you have heard of.  Bain Capital buys companies and makes them “better”…and then sells them, says Mitt. Yes, Romney was a real life “Gordon Gecko” (from the movie, WALLSTREET).  At this stage of the campaign, Romney refuses to release his tax returns.  When a politician does this, he has something to hide. Today’s video asks the question: “Is Romney Making Money from Layoffs” from Bain Capital.  Even though he has no say-so in Bain Capital, some believe that MItt Romney is still profiting from the many layoffs in his past at Bain.  This morning Romney was asked if he was bothered about those layoffs and talked about the positive effects of “trimming down a company” and gave me the impression that in Romney’s conscience there is no guilt for the misery his layoffs caused in the lives of middle-class families because he created profit. There, one wonders if a man should be President of the United States IF HE CANNOT FEEL COMPASSION for God‘s children who have fallen on hard times or whose arms aren’t long enough to catch the brass ring like Willard Mitt Romney.  To understand Romney better, watch the DVD of “Wallstreet” and make your own comparison.

12-30-11 12:00 Mitt Romney surrogate, Gov. Chris Christie just told an audience in Iowa, “If you people don’t vote for Romney, I am going to come back (here) New Jersey style.  If those people have seen “The Sopranos“, they must be shaking in there boots. That TV series deals with New Jersey “businessmen”  🙂 who combined their business with MURDER! OMG, is that what Chris Christie is threatening the good people of Iowa?  Really? [Full disclosure: I haven’t seen the series, but I bought the complete “Sopranos” to watch on rainy days.]

Mitt Romney, Mr. 1% - Cartoon

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

Mitt Romney, How Can You, a Proven “Liar” “Restore the Soul of America?” What Honest American Votes for and Trusts a Liar?

LIAR! LIAR!: New Mitt Romney Ad Takes Obama Quote Totally Out of Context

Watch this AD which outs Mitt Romney as a “Liar”

Mitt Romney, you can’t fool us all!

Rush Limbaugh outed as a racist by first black Chairman of GOP Party-

Mitt Romney, Robo-Flop

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

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