Convicted Lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, Guest on “MorningJoe” (MSNBC) Thursday 12-8-11

Mika Brzezinski

Joe Scarborough

Willie Geist



Commissioner Stern, I Can’t Wait for Professional Basketball!

Dear Fans,

On behalf of the entire NBA family, I want to thank you for your patience and support over the past several months. The new collective bargaining agreement is designed to provide more competitive balance for our league, reward strong performances by our players, and strengthen our game by improving its economics. We believe this agreement will benefit our teams, players, and most importantly, fans by making the NBA stronger.

In the days and weeks ahead, all of us hope you will enjoy the run-up to the start of the season: free agency, training camp, and preseason games. Each NBA team will be hosting special events for fans, so be sure to check your favorite team’s website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed for details. This season we look forward to bringing you more of everything you love about NBA basketball: incredible competition, tremendous excitement, and unending hard work and dedication by the world’s best athletes.

Thank you for being an NBA fan. I hope you enjoy the season, which promises to be a most exciting one.

David J. Stern
NBA Commissioner

US Declares “Gay Rights Are Human Rights” and Should Be Tied to Foreign Aid

Jon Stewart: FoxNews “Tree Fighting Ceremony”

Gingrich and Newt Play Santa (image)


Uploaded by on Jan 5, 2008

This is a song written in 1942. It was when Americans were still mad at Japan because of Pearl Harbor. Please do not take offense at this. Just disregard what is offensive. Remember the time it was made. I just want people to “Remember Pearl Harbor.” Enjoy.

The lyrics of this song reflect the anger which galvanized the country behind the President as he fought World War II.  Now we are offended because the Japanese are now our friends.  However, for a moment, it is interesting to be transported back to a time in our history when Americans were true patriots consumed with a passion for saving the world from total domination by the Axis powers. They would be shocked by our political times and the gridlock in Congress which was given birth by then Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, known for being mean and unpleasant and self-promoting. Newt would be comfortable with singing this song…today! He is just that unsavory. [Apologies to my readers in Japan.]

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