Chris Matthews (“Hardball”) Led with Calling Gingrich a “Bomb Thrower”

Chris, I agree with your lead that Newt Gingrich is a bomb thrower who will say anything to anybody if it suits his purpose.  I send you this Newt, “the Bomb Thrower”, cartoon and hope it gives you a chuckle as you remember the substance:

Newt Gingrich Believes the Lies He Tells Even When Lying to Himself. He’s Mental!

I just heard a popular pundit call Newt Gingrich “a bald face liar” on cable TV.  This was her response to hearing sound of Newt lying to himself about why he resigned as Speaker of the House.  How stupid and ill-informed does Newt think the American voters are?  Why my morning began with a sound byte of Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina admitting that the plot to force the hated (sic) Speaker out of office began in Senator Graham’s office. Six hours later I watched Newt nervously spin a yarn about his disgraceful departure from the Congress and his punishment for wrong-doing in the form of a $300,000 fine.  I wish a psychiatrist would come forth and explain how more than one truth of a situation can exist in that enormous head of Newton Gingrich. [Note: Only a big head could contain Newt’s super-size ego. Someone is working overtime to keep this monster ego fed!]  I recall that some time today I used this graphic in which Newt promises that he cheats but he does not lie:

How Can Christian Conservatives Approve of These Morals?

Also, I laughed when I heard Newt’s defense of marriage with a pledge of fidelity to his current wife swearing off future divorces. Newt, your wife may be the only one, if any, who believes you.  ONCE A CHEATER…ALWAYS A CHEATER. In Saturday’s debate your adultery was made an issue…an issue you continue to  minimize relative to you but one which you seized upon in the Bill Clinton impeachment.  So, morality is for us lesser mortals. Right? Let’s watch contemporaneous Newt:

Newt Gingrich Schools Chris Wallace on Clinton Impeachment

As I write this writer, Judson Phillips (@JudsonPhillips) is making a case for ignoring Newts sins and flaws and questionable history and beliefs “BECAUSE NEWT IS THE SMARTEST MAN IN THE ROOM.”  Someone said that the line between super intelligence and madness is very thin. (Hence the call for a medical professional.) Judson, there have been a lot of smart men in history who have been given power and caused great harm to the world. (Newt could give a lecture.)  We cannot trust a man who is not proven honorable and trustworthy.  Sorry, Newton!  That is why “Tricky Dicky” had to leave office as President.  Lightning does strike twice in the same place!

The Notorious Gingrichs

“WikiLeaks Figure Called ‘Troubled’ “

Pfc. Bradley E. Manning

Some Fear Republican Convention in Tampa, Fla. Next Year May Spark Violence Against Jews with the Cry: “Send them back to the ovens”

Flags of Israel and Palestine

Celebrity “historian”, Newt Gingrich, has made remarks on the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, who Newt call “an invented people. Only a candidate for the presidency, Newt’s comments could undermine decades of diplomacy in the area where the two people still trade bombs over the border.  Inflamed passions could continue until the Republican Convention in Florida which is heavily Jewish and has survivors of the Holocaust. Newt takes pride in speaking his mind, no matter who may get hurt.  He imagines this is a characteristic of being strong. 😦


Newt Gingrich Has the Balls to Call Opponent “Timid”

I guess it takes BIG BALLS to be Newt Gingrich
  • It takes big “brass balls” to say you were paid $1.6 Million dollars to be a “historian” only to have to walk that ludicrous statement back due to non-belief and outrage
  • It takes big balls to gleefully tell South Carolinians that you made $60,000 for your speech which is more money than half of them make in a year
  • It takes big balls to promote yourself as a Washington outsider after being a disgraced Speaker of the House who has profited so much from just having had the job (which makes one the ultimate Washington insider)
  • It takes big balls to use a bully tactic and call an opponent “timid”
  • It takes big balls to commit adultery and to get a divorce knowing HISTORICALLY how Jehovah feels about the two subjects
  • It takes big balls to announce a power grab that reverses civil rights of minorities a year BEFORE the Presidential election
  • It really takes big balls to tell another human being they were “invented”!
  • It takes big balls to want to be a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT yet ignore polls that say most REPUBLICANS want taxes raised on the TOP 1%





Newt Gingrich Primed for Unconstitutional Power Grab -VOTE DEMOCRATIC IN 2012!


“Gingrich Tough on Women, Gays in the Military”


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Republican candidates for president Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich all say they would cut foreign aid to Israel—and every other country—to zero.

Stand up to this extreme isolationism and join the call to reject the Romney-Perry-Gingrich plan.

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