“Is Rick Perry Gay?” SAY WHAT?????

I was beginning to look for news about Rick Perry‘s prayer meeting in Houston last Saturday, when this title caught my eye: “Is Rick Perry Gay?”  If you plan to vote in 2012, take look at it. [CONSERVATIVE TALK HOST, JOE SCARBOROUGH, SAID OF PERRY, “HE DRESSES WELL.”] [Isn’t that code?]

What I was looking for was to find out if Rick’s invited anti-gay guest, Bryan Fischer, showed up, spoke and what did he say. My curiosity was piqued by a video clip used in the news run up to the payer meeting.  In this clip the homophobe from American Family Assn., gave a history lesson on Hitler that was incredulous! You’ve got to hear what this guy purports to be true about his evilness[sic]:

How can Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas associate himself with this guy, this association and this perversion of history?

I found this video today, days AFTER Rick Perry’s prayer event”

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