Republican Parents, Your Babies Breath the Same Air as All of Us Do. THINK!

Republican Party (United States)
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Lobbyists have convinced Republicans to present environmental issues as coming from the Democrats and are, ipso facto, soft, weak, trivial, and unimportant because they do not make money.  Witness Republican zeal for the Keystone XL Pipeline which has the potential to poison a major water supply in our mid-west agricultural area. [It only creates 20,000 jobs. And those are the high paying jobs.]  President Obama has put off the final decision until 2013, but, yesterday Republicans passed a law attempting to force the President to act in the next 60 days.  As leverage, they attached it to the tax cut extension so important to the 99% of Americans who were able to survive 2011 on the $1000 the tax cut provides.  Democrats are fighting to get this tax cut for the middle-class while Republicans continue to refuse ending immediately the Bush tax cuts enjoyed by the TOP 1% who are so-called “job creators” who fail to create jobs. Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) says “they don’t exist.” This blogger does not understand the workings of a “Republican conscious.”

Did the child’s difficult breathing in the video give you pause?  Why is it that it falls as silent on the deaf ears of the Republican Party? Growing children and working adults need a healthy environment in which to flourish.  It is the federal government’s job to safeguard the environment for us, our children and their children.  The benefits of a healthy environment include profitable business which should be important to Republicans and the TOP 1%.  Why do they let anti-environment lobbyists into their offices?  Why do they meet them for lunch?  What business is transacted among them?  The hacking cough of the unseen child in the red carriage should echo in their ears until America is safe again for life and labor.